Chief LoboLoco

Official Golden Wolf Holt Character Sheet 
Character's Name: LOBOLOCO
POSITION IN HOLT: CHIEF/maker of musical instruments/innovator 
SOUL NAME: Duir (do-er)
LIFE/LOVE MATE(S): Nightsmile (lifemate)
HOLT AFFILIATION(S): Golden Wolf Holt(chief), Questhaven holt (different
 timeline), and Greenleaf holt(different timeline).
KNOWN KIN: Sleeping Bear (father), Brightwater (mother), Dreamshadow (uncle)

History: Lobo became chief of Golden Wolf Holt at the tender age of 16 turns 
after his parents and seven(7) others undertook a journey to explore the lands to 
the South for reasons that his father could not tell him at the time...he simply 
said that this was something that he had to do. Lobo assumed his birthright role 
with Dreamshadow as his advisor. His parents and the rest of the party have not 
been seen or heard of since...they are presumed dead by the tribe.

Physical Traits: 
RACE: Elf (wolfrider) 
AGE: 86
HEIGHT: 4'2"
WEIGHT: 105 lbs.
BUILD: Large, Very Muscular(cross between Cutter and Treestump) 
EYES: Opaque-Jewel blue
HAIR: Red-Brown knee length hair, worn in two braids on either side of face, 
and chieftain's top-knot.

Clothing: Gray leather pants...knee-high, dreamberry wine colored moccassin 
boots...long sleeved, open to the waist, dreamberry wine colored shirt(doesn't 
usually wear shirt)

Preferred Items and Weapons: Axe, Sword, Bow/Arrows, drum and flute 

Physical skills and Magic Abilities: Rock Shaping, sending, animal 
bonding...tracking, hunting, rock climbing 

Likes: creating and playing new musical instruments, swimming, rock climbing, 
hunts, howls, and dreamberry wine

Dislikes: "good-byes", hatred and fear

Identifiable Marks-(scars, etc): none 

Personality: : LoboLoco is often impulsive and sometimes makes hasty 
decisions but is calm and rational when it is needed most. He is strong willed, and 
unmatched in strength and will when enraged but compassionate and tries hard to 
be understanding with his tribe. Like the old saying, "He's a nice guy 'till you 
piss him off"

Animals' Name: Spirit Wind 
SPECIES: Wolf(Alpha of Pack) 
AGE: 19 turns old 
HEIGHT: 3 1/2' at shoulder 
BUILD: large, stout and firm 

Weapons: teeth/claws

Fur/Feather or Skin Tone: Goldenrod fur with gray flecks and white 
"star" crest on forehead. 

Physical Abilities: : Fast runner, excellent sense of smell and sight, 
excellent tracker/hunter...Alpha male of pack 

Personality: : Friendly but definitely assertive

Holt Member Personal Info: 

NAME: Mike Garcia 
LOCATION: Houston, TX 

Other Information: 

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