Golden Wolf Holt Official Rules and Writer's Guidelines

©1990-2001 Michael J. Garcia/LoboLoco & Golden Wolf Holt 


  •        1)   NO SUPER ELVES:  This rule is created to protect both YOU and  other holt members against the possibility of any ONE elf becoming too powerful and possibly wreaking havoc on the world of Two-Moons and the holt itself.  Your character(s)  may be very skilled in what they do, be it a natural skill or magical in nature. For example: if your character is a healer he/she may be able to heal someone so well that not even scars (physical or emotional) remain; a basket weaver able to weave water-tight baskets; a leather tanner able to make the softest, supplest clothes from even the toughest hides, etc...
  •       2)   POWERS:    A limit of NO MORE  than two(2) powers other than sending and animal bonding will be allowed to any one elf. I.E. your character(s) already have these two powers innately, regardless of other powers you wish them to have.  This rule is to ensure that rule no. 1 is adhered to and to help balance out the tribe.  Due to the fact that the well of memories is a part of the holt itself, other powers besides those  available to the original Wolfriders, are available to the elves of the Golden Wolf Holt.
  •       3)   WELL OF MEMORIES:    Because the well of memories is a part of the holt itself, the individual tribes members are lead to the well by the chief when they come of an age to discover who and what they are.   I.E. this would not be done for very  young  tribes members until they have matured to an age of understanding.  This does not apply to youths thrust into  the role of  Chieftain at an early age.
  •       4)   CHARACTER APPROVAL:    All characters' bios, regardless of powers and/or skills, must be submitted to the chief for approval and to insure that no two characters have the same name and/or soul-name or bio.  Any member may have up to  three(3)  characters, be they  your own personal characters or submitted as non-player characters created to add to the background of the holt and be useable by all members.
  •       5)   CHARACTER USE BY OTHER MEMBERS:    All characters may be used by other members in the writing of stories  for the holt but the character and all rights thereto revert to the member who created the character.  Characters used by members other than their creator may NOT be killed nor irreparably damaged in any fashion without the express written permission of the original creator.  This does not mean that  you may not have fun  or write about a battle that involves many or all holt members,  just remember that you are using someone else's creation and that they may be using yours.
Writers' Guidelines:
  •      TIME AND PLACE SETTING:    The Golden Wolf Holt is set in and around the time of the beginning of the ElfQuest stories.  The technology of the humans  is not advanced beyond that of the humans in the original quest.  The holt's location is far South and West of Cutter's tribes' original holt and is in a small group of mountains in the plains. Nearby are a forest and the "Vast Deep Water"(consult map).  The elves of the Golden Wolf Holt live inside these small range of mountains rather than in the nearby forest because of the discovery of the well of memories in the mountain.
  •     TROLLS AND HUMANS:    The elves  of the Golden Wolf Holt are very much aware of humans and they have fought them before.  Currently, there seem to be no humans around the holt but that could quickly and easily change.  The elves of the Golden Wolf  Holt are NOT AT ALL  aware of Trolls as of YET, they have never encountered nor seen evidence of such creatures but this could be a lead-in(segue) for a good story about meeting Trolls.
  •     OTHER ELVES/WANDERERS:    The elves of the Golden Wolf Holt have not yet discovered other elves nor have they ever met any "Wandering" elves.  All characters up to this point should be established as "born into the tribe."   We know ABSOLUTELY NOTHING about  Gliders, Go-Backs, the Sun Village at Sorrow's End, nor even other Wolfriders.  This fact could also lead to a "first contact" story but I'd advise against it until your character is firmly established in the holt for a length of time.  Please feel free to write about meeting other elves anyway, if you so desire, but remember what kind of impact that would have on the holt and how they are likely to react. It was our original goal to find other elves but I feel it important to find OURSELVES first.
  •     TRANSFERRING CHARACTERS FROM OTHER HOLTS:    If you have a character already established in another holt, but wish to include him/her in the Golden Wolf Holt, you may leave the character's information intact with only minor exceptions as to knowledge of the aforementioned elves and trolls.  Your character will have to be established as a "holt born" member for reasons of consistency and story fluidity, their parents, love/lifemate(s), children, etc. can all be transferred over as well with the same exceptions.  Stories that happen here and that take  or have taken place in other holts for transferred characters need not have repercussions on either holt.  What happens here, basically, happens here; what happens there, happens there until the time comes that we do meet other tribes of elves, and even then, they need not ever happen, necessarily, at both places.  All elves in this holt are Wolfrider elves - but that goes without saying.
  •     PURE-BLOODED ELVES:    The pure bloods that originally set out on the expedition and helped found the Golden Wolf Holt are long dead, meaning that there are no longer any pure blooded elves in the holt.  The only exception being Soren Sebastian's character "Dream Chaser" who, through the magic in the well, lost his wolf blood and is now a pure blooded elf.  If you wish your character to be a pure blooded elf, remember that he/she will NOT automatically become a High One  nor gain special powers  or abilities, they will merely have been cured of their wolf-tainted blood, but there is a price to pay.  As with Skywise when he, in "Kings of the Broken Wheel," had Leetah remove his wolf-blood his senses lessened and were no longer as sharp as a true Wolfrider...Since Wolfriders are the only ones able to grow face-fur after 500 years of age due to their wolf blood, a younger elf without face-fur who has lost his wolf  blood will never grow face-fur...Also, it may be impossible to bond with future wolves since the kinship will no longer be the same...Hunting skills are just that, skills, and will not be affected except  where a sharp nose or eye of a Wolfrider would be needed, but aim of a bow and swing of a sword is gained knowledge and thus would remain...there is also the possibility that the elf would no longer be accepted the same way by the rest of the tribe but that is a slim possibility and HIGHLY UNLIKELY, as the elf's personality would not have been affected.
  •     WEAPONS:    Elves of the Golden Wolf Holt have and use metal weapons if they use sword, dagger, ax, etc. but these weapons will not have  been "forged" as with the Trolls but,  rather,  will be created by a "Metal Shaper"  who can do the job.  I had originally thought of giving this power to Lobo but  decided it was better for someone else to have this responsibility, since Lobo has enough of his own to worry about.  The job of "Metal Shaper" is open as of this writing. Anyone out there feel up to being the tribe's Weapon's Smythe?  Along with the three basic weapons listed above, we also have bows, though those would naturally be made by a wood shaper...this job is also currently open as of this writing(1-2-99).  If you have an idea for another weapon,  submit it to me and I will decide if it is available to the holt.  Describe the weapon in detail and, if possible,  provide a rough sketch of said weapon.  The sling has been created by "Swift Stone," a character of mine that I will introduce later but it can be assumed that this weapon is also available.
  •     LOBOLOCO'S  ROLE AND OTHER MISCELLANIES:    LoboLoco is Chief of the Golden Wolf Holt and is an innovator to his tribe.  He has created musical instruments for his tribe including  bone flutes, and rawhide drums.  So far, these are the only two he has created but more could be on the way.  He is an impulsive Chief but is compassionate and puts the good of the tribe above his own interests...most of the time.  He loves to lead the nightly hunts and howls and has shown others how to use his musical creations and loves to have dancing and merriment as a regular part of holt life.  If you would like your character to have this musical knowledge let me know or else write it in your character description.   Along with his innate sending and animal bonding powers, Lobo is a Rock Shaper.
  •     GEMS AND PRECIOUS METALS:    Since the holt is in a series of caves, it would seem only natural that there would be the presence of gemstones and precious metals.  We have not discovered the gemstones as of yet but we ARE aware of  the metals and the metal shaper (whoever decides to apply for the job) would know about the whereabouts of such metals and be able to work with them, maybe even melding several different kinds together to create an alloy (bright metal,  the stuff New Moon is made of).
  •     BOND BEASTS:    For the most part, wolves have been the preferred  bond animals  of the tribe but you may choose one other, besides your wolf friend, within reason.   If you have a question about a particular animal, ask me and I will let you know if it would be feasible to allow.
  •     DENS AND UNEXPLORED CAVES:    It can be assumed that every holt member has either their own den in the caves of the holt or they share a den with one or more of the others.  Your bond beast may share your den or they may sleep out in the plains or in the forest or wherever you wish.  There are numerous advantages for stories with the provision of unexplored caves and tunnels,  caves and tunnels that have been long forgotten and/or caves in the same mountain area but not necessarily  connected to the  holt.
  •     DREAMBERRIES AND DREAMBERRY WINE:    We DO, by all means, know about dreamberries and have even discovered a way to create dreamberry  wine.  Although it would be too involved to go into details, we do have the knowledge of wine making and this job too is open for an enterprising young or elder elf.
  •     ILLUSTRATIONS:    I love doing the illustrations for the various stories that appear in Fangs Gleam but having to take care of that AND everything else can get a bit hectic, so this is a call to all you artistic types.  If ANYONE  (any holt member who so wishes to) would like to do illustrations for a future story,  let me know far enough in advance of the next issue so that I can get you a copy of a story,  plus all character bios.  This way, the illustrations will be done by the time the next issue is ready to go to print.  If you would like to illustrate your own story, that would be your choice and privilege as a member to do so.  If an author has a particular member in mind to do the illo's for them then they are more than welcome to request said member, otherwise I will assign stories to interested illustrators.  If any ONE  illustrator is chosen by all the authors, in order to be fair to all concerned, the illustrator will be given first pick of story to work on and the others will be  re-allocated according to  the authors' second choice, third choice, etc.  By the same token, the illustrator need not necessarily have to accept the job, it is his/her right to refuse to illustrate said story, meaning that you can not force someone to illustrate your story just because you would LIKE for them to do so.
  •     STORY LENGTH:    If you would like to have your story appear complete, in one issue, it would be best to keep it at a MAXIMUM of five(5), single-spaced, typed pages.  You can, of course, make the story longer if necessary but it MAY have to be split-up over two or more issues depending on the length.  It may be possible, if there are no other stories at the time, to FEATURE a certain story that happens to be quite long (i.e. ten pages or so).  I know that a few of you out there love writing and may feel cramped with a five(5) page limitation, therefore, these provisions have been made.
  •     SEX AND NUDITY IN STORIES AND ILLUSTRATIONS:    I'm  no prude and, quite frankly, don't object to the use of sex and/or nudity in a story or illustration.  If it is handled well, it can add a great deal to the story.  After all, EQ is an adult oriented comic and does involve occasional nudity and sex.  With all good things there must be limits,  so here they are:  Full frontal nudity IS acceptable,  as well as (if you prefer) partial nudity, of either sex.  This aspect should be handled with taste and a certain degree of decorum.  Anything deemed vulgar or done in poor taste will (still be looked at) most likely not get published.  The key word here is "Good Taste."  I'm pretty lenient when it comes to allowing something to pass but remember that there are a few younger members in the tribe and I would rather not be accused of distributing what may be misconstrued as "pornographic" material.  In case you were wondering, there IS  a difference between "pornography" and what I'm allowing you to do.

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