Back in the early days of the Golden Wolf Holt, we published a quarterly Fanzine called "Fangs Gleam."

Fangs Gleam was the main venue for Holt communication.

Putting it together was always a challenge since I didn't have a computer in those days that could do anything more than word process(and evern then, not very well). So, off to Kinko's I'd go with the badly printed text and the art which would need to be reduced. Most of the time I'd still have to use the computers at Kinko's to retype or edit certain things, and to type out the 'zine title and page numbers. I tried to keep it interesting and creative so it always took a while.

If you've ever had to "cut and paste" the old fashioned way, you'll appreciate how much work it was to get everything copied, sized, re-copied, laid out, pasted, copied again, and finally put together, folded and saddle stapled. Every issue took an average of 10hrs.+ at Kinko's to produce. I had my brother's help on several issues and he still remembers those endless nights with scissors, tape, and glue...not an easy job. I'm still very grateful to him for having put up with me and all the work that each issue entailed.

We didn't really have any local members so we couldn't have regular "meetings" nor could I enlist their help in putting the 'zine together. It was also very expensive and although membership dues were charged, it was never enough to cover the cost of printing and postage. It was truly a labour of love since it was all out-of-pocket cost for me to produce. In the end, it was more than just the cost and time that it took that stopped production on Fangs Gleam, it was the lack of active members, and lack of input to the 'zine. I always had to end up doing most of the writing and nearly all of the art for it. It finally just got to be more than I could do to keep it going.

Even if I had had a "top-of-the-line" computer in those days, it would have only been a 486...times have really changed. Now that the digital age is here, and at somewhat affordable pricing, I am looking forward to reviving the holt online and perhaps, if there is enough interest and input, we can publish Fangs Gleam again. This is going to depend 100% on your feedback and input.

If you'd like copies of Fangs Gleam, you can order them for $2.50/issue for 2 or more issues, or $3.00/single issue. Covers in B/W only
Email your order to with "Fangs Gleam reprints" in the subject line.


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