Official Golden Wolf Holt Character Sheet 
Character's Name: Dreamshadow
POSITION IN HOLT: Tribe elder/hunter/scout 
HOLT AFFILIATION(S): Golden Wolf Holt 
KNOWN KIN: Lobo Loco (nephew)

History: Dreamshadow was born in Golden Wolf Holt. In his youth he was wild and rambunctious,
always acting before thinking. He helped Lobo to assert his Chieftainship after Lobo's parents
left the holt. Although he has mastered many weapons, Dreamshadow favors the axe. In his youth
Dreamshadow was quite the ladies elf, and he is ever alert for a pretty face. Dreamshadow has
never been Recognized, but in his long life he has had many lovemates. Dreamshadow earned
his name: Dream, beacause of his ability to understand the dreams of others, and because of
his dream-like touch during joining ... and Shadow, because of the dark beauty of his body, his
raven-like hair, and ability to come and go without being seen.

Physical Traits: 
RACE: Elf (wolfrider) 
AGE: 250
HEIGHT: 4' 3"
WEIGHT: 50 lbs.
BUILD: tall & powerful (Strongbow type) 
EYES: deep crystal green
HAIR: black, very straight mid-back length hair 
SKIN TONE: well tanned

Clothing: a simple shoulder strap w/quiver for arrows, a simple loincloth
with feather trimming & blue-grey boots with brown leather lacing and furs trim

Preferred Items and Weapons: Axe named Skullspliter & bow/arrows

Physical skills and Magic Abilities: sending, wolfbonding, and
very sharp eyesight like Scouter 

Likes: any pretty maiden, dreamberries hunting and howling 

Dislikes: humans. 

Identifiable Marks-(scars, etc): none 

Personality: Dreamshadow is still somewhat wild, he loves to romp with Lobo and
the other young wolfriders, "You'd think he was still a cub himself. " He has a great sense
of humor and enjoys a good laugh. Despite however mellow he may seem, there are times
when he is dead serious. Few people are willing to cross his path when he's mad. on the
other hand, he is very good at dealing with Lobo's anger. Dreamshadow is very proud of
Lobo Loco and enjoys watching his nephew act as chief. Although Dreamshadow prefers
to let Lobo work things out for himself, he is always there if Lobo needs him.

Animals' Name: Dustdancer 
AGE: 4 seasons old
GENDER: female
HEIGHT: 3 ft. at shoulder 
WEIGHT: 201 lbs.
BUILD: firm and powerful 
EYES: gold

Weapons: teeth/claws

Fur/Feather or Skin Tone: dark gray with med. to It. gray and white
markings on her face, chest, and undersides

Physical Abilities: Dustdancer is a great runner, she is one of the fastest
wolves in the pack, she is also very strong, often dragging large kills by herself

Personality: Very playful, if she can't find Dreamshadow she will turn to
other elves of to other wolves. She is in her prime at this time and may one day 
become Alpha female

Holt Member Personal Info: 

NAME: Paul Carter 
AGE: 31 
HEIGHT: 5'9" 
EYES: brown 
HAIR: black 
LOCATION: Chicago IL 60643 
BIRTHDATE: Sept. 1969

Other Information: 

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