Christina Y. Garcia



          The cool night breeze put a spring in Dream Dancer's step, and fire in her lungs. She wasn't supposed to be so far from the holt at this time of night, it wasn't safe. But it was the only time she could have the kind of privacy she needed. She gazed at the moons above, wishing that for once the night would last forever. The tall grass whipped at her swiftly moving legs. She laid down, taking in the sweet scent as she broke blades of grass. Focusing on her favorite star, and taking deep even breaths she began a gradual distancing of herself. Each night the process became just a little easier and faster. She gazed down at her body lying on the open plain, eyes blank and staring. Her limbs outstretched and unmoving. A slow grin, and a warm feeling spread through her astral self. Now for he fun part, she thought.

          Lobo Loco was indeed her first and favorite target. His dreams were usually the most exciting, and definitely the most interesting. A wolf was walking on its two back legs. "Wait a minute, come back!" Lobo cried. He was stumbling through a great forest. The trees blocked out the sky completely. They were as big around as ten of the largest trees on the plain. Every thing was green, and the smell of growing things prevailed. Lobo Loco followed the quickly retreating wolf. "Why won't you stop?"

          "Lobo!" Dancer called, "Wait for me."

          "What are you doing here?" He asked, confused for a second. "Hurry, we have to catch up!" Grabbing her hand he quickly ran on. While the wolf ducked behind some bushes to the left. They ran on, following it through the wonderfully exotic forest for what seemed hours. Finally, it disappeared into a grove of trees. "Shhh, quiet, I think it stopped." He walked silently up to the trees, Dancer two steps behind. They peered into the clearing. Suddenly the strange wolf began to dance under the silver moonlight. It spun wildly, all the time keeping in step to it's own erie beat. Slowly it grew taller and less wolf like. Lobo stood mesmerized. A look of profound Joy on his face, as his hand tapped the strange beat. The wolf shimmered and blurred, and suddenly a beautiful elf stood in it's place. She fell exhausted to the ground. Lobo immediately ran to her side. "High One, are you alright? Please answer!" Concern gripped him as he shook her body.

          "I'm fine little one. Just give me a minute, I haven't had so much fun in a very long time. Tell me why are you looking at me like that?" Her beautiful eyes shone like the stars.

          "I have never seen anyone so lovely and ancient as you. Forgive me, but I must ask, where did you come from?"

          "The place that is in your heart. If you search you will find It. We are always with you my son."

          "Tell me, why have you come?"

          "You know the answer to that as well as I my young chief."

          "My question! Thank the high ones You have come to answer my question. I must know, is there any way for elves to travel without having to endanger their bodies to the wild and humans? If so how can we learn?" He was breathless in anticipation of her answer.

          Dancer's eyes widened at his question, fearing the answer that was to come. What would happen If in his dream he were to discover her secret? What would become of her private retreat? She would be trapped in a world of horror, for she had no ability to remember her own dreams. Now the dreams of others that she'd fought so hard to gain entry to over the years would be taken from her. Her sanctuary of the soul would be stripped away.

          "No! Please don't answer his question high one! Please have mercy. What kind of question is this? There can be no answer! Tell him, tell him how foolish his ideas are. This is insane!" Dancer was sweating profusely, wishing fervently that she'd never come to Lobo this night.

          "Do not worry Dream Dancer, there is much you know, but do not understand. Wisdom only comes with time, and from experience. Nothing will be taken from you. Lobo, you are truly gaining in wisdom. Now you must look to your own tribe for the answers you seek. There is one among you who could teach you much in the ways of the mind. She is a pioneer and does not realize it. She is imperative to the growth of the Golden Wolf holt. Use your Judgement, and knowledge as chief. As for the answer to the first question, it is a simple yes. Remember you should always have little room for fear and great room for change, for only through change can there be growth." Her shimmering eyes turned toward the sky, she raised her arms and vanished.

          Lobo Loco glanced wonderingly at a quietly sobbing Dancer. "What is your part in this? Where do you fit?" The look in his strong eyes demanded an answer. Dream Dancer let one last whispered "no" escape her lips and disappeared.

          She rushed back to her body, true tears on her face. Now what will become of me she thought sadly. This was never supposed to happen. Damn them! Why have they done this to me? She remained lying in the grass staring at the night sky. She watched as it turned gray, then violet, and finally a beautiful blue, the whole time feeling totally numb. The sound of approaching footsteps thawed her mind, and she sat up quickly searching for a place to hide. There was nothing but a few scattered rocks.

          "We need to talk Dream Dancer." With that one sentence he erased any hope she might have had that he had forgotten his dream of the previous night.

          "What will you do now? Please don't turn me away from the dreams." Her voice quivered in desperation.

          "Dancer, I want you to teach me, and take me with you, not deprive you. You have a great gift that can be shared with the holt. The only way I'll be upset with you is if you refuse to become the teacher that you must." His soothing smile and calm voice drove all doubt and fear from her mind.

          "Then I guess this means I won't be getting much sleep" she chuckled, her relief relaxing her attitude.

          "Really? In that case, we do have a lot to talk about, Now let's get back to the others. We have a lot to explain, and there will be those we will have trouble convincing, so you my friend have your work cut out for you," Casually they strolled back to the holt, giving themselves time to talk about the future and all it's potential.




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