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This is my story and I'm stickin' to it

Pepper (Powers) Skeen
Member of the Body of Christ
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In Jesus Name
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Hi! I am Pepper (aka His free woman... Our Lord changed my name in 2005 to this name - it is for FREEDOM He died and it is in freedom that I live), a middle class, middle-aged, middle of USA-Texican, wife of but one husband, mom of three children, a college graduate and a born-again Christian. In short, I am a 'baby-boomer' who the God of all creation has found! Yeah God! I am an average person, leading an above average life. As the song on here says- Secret Agent Man- He is this Jesus of mine- He has taken away my number by HIS BLOOD and given me a new name in HIS Book of Life!

This is my story and I am stickin' to it! The Bible also says that the believers in God, called saints, overcome the accuser of the brothers by the blood of the Lamb and by the word of their testimony; and not loving their lives unto death. (Revelation 12:10-12) Well I have accepted Christ Jesus as my personal Savior (the Lamb) and I have lost my life to find it and this is my testimony. Testimony is a church word for the story of what God has done for me.

On March 23, 1994, I was 38 years old. I was working at a not too exciting job with an 8 yr. old daughter and a 15 month old baby boy with a husband who was just going to start out as an over the road truck driver. I was not a happy camper. This is my second marriage and at the time it was fast going down the tubes. In fact, I was laying in bed at night next to the father of my son scheming, thinking, dreaming and any other word for fantasizing of ways to kill him literally so I wouldn't have to go through a second divorce. As I lay in my bed, near midnight (a very dark time) I finally decided to try a last resort. I ask that if there was a God ... would He please show Himself to me because if He wasn't real then killing my husband was no problem. I mean, who would care he was dead and who would I have to answer to ultimately. I was in for the greatest event to ever happen in my life in the next few minutes. It was greater than graduating from any institution of learning, being married, traveling the world (which I have done, but that is another story) or having two children. I saw the LIGHT literally. There is a song about the Light and seeing it. I really have! And not only did I see the greatest, brightest, warmest and all encompassing light I have ever seen or experienced, the Light spoke to me and said 'I am and I have heard you and I love you... I care, come with Me'. Wow, now I know that sounds weird or wild or strange or a figment of my over worked imagination, but it is not! It was the for real deal God- Jesus- and I answered 'Yes I will go with you' thinking I was going to die... well I did but not the way we are taught about death... when I said Yes that Great Light come into me and into my life and I was resurrected(born-again) of the Spirit of God on the spot in my bed.

I also know that this sounds 'supernatural'.. well it is! God is supernatural and so He comes in supernatural ways. (Supernatural means beyond the natural-- this temporal, FINITE earth and bodies we live on and in) Now it got even stranger from there. I was so excited that I had met God and that He loves me and was not here to condemn me to hell, I almost couldn't contain myself physically, emotionally, or in my reasoning. Now the next thing that happened was that same Light said 'tell your husband that you want him to forgive you for hating him and wanting to kill him'. You know, I didn't even think about not doing what I was ask to do by Him. So I stood up in the middle of our bed, and almost lost my head to the ceiling fan, and started telling my husband the whole story. I ask him to forgive me 'cuz I had done him some real wrong (dah- wanting to kill him) and that I really did love him and would live with whatever decision he made about his job, career or whatever. Needless to say this blew his mind. He thought I was crazy ( and that is another story too) and expressed it. I kept saying 'no it is God... I met God, you know Jesus the Savior', so instead of taking me to the looney bind, he went and got the only person who he knew was a Christian and brought him to our home at 12:30 am. in his pj's. We celebrated, me and this new brother of mine, and my hubby thought we were both nuts! We stayed up until 5 am when my hubby left for a 3 week driving assignment and our lives have never been the same again.

I allowed Him to assembled me with His church (another word for the people of God- it is not a building but a people) for the first time since I was a small girl and then I was baptized in water (which is Biblical identification with the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ) and have never looked back. My old life and that old woman is dead and I am a new creation in Christ! I pray this testimony will touch you and if you have any questions, please feel free to contact me. BTW- my hubby no longer thinks we are nuts... he too is one of us! And that is another story too. Hopefully he will tell his story.

There is a gospel song that says 'Jesus write me into your story' and He has written me into His story... I give Him all the glory because He is the ONLY person who ever died for me and gave me His life instead! I pray that you too will be written into His story! Amen

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