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Welcome! If you're a teacher, you've come to the right place! You'll find links to many educational sites that contain lesson plans for just about every content area and other educational links that you may find useful and appropriate for use in your elementary classroom. If you teach in middle or high school, some of the sites may also be useful to you. Please note that not all of these sites have been reviewed prior to posting on my site. Feel free to bookmark or save this site to your favorite places. I'll try and update this site as often as possible. Have a wonderful school year!

Language Arts
K-12 Activities-Marine Lesson Plans
AskERIC Lesson Plans-Lang. Arts
Outer Orbit
PBS TeacherSource-Arts&Lit.
Science Education Gate-Way
Language Arts Lesson Plans
Project Primary
ERIC/REC Lesson Plans
Frank Potter's Science Gems
CyberGuides-Literature Units
This is Mega-Mathematics
US History Sources - Civil War
OFCN's Academy Curricular Exchange
Frontier Social Studies
In Search of the Oregon Trail
Internet Connections/Lesson
Kathy Schrock's Guide for Educators
Resources for Integrating Technology
CEC Lesson Plans
WWW4 teachers
Lessons & Activities
Teacher Talk Forum: Lesson Plans
Teacher's Tips
Kindergarten Connection Engine
Curriculum Areas from Carol Hurst's Children's É
Gander Academy's Theme-Related Resources on the WWW
CRPC GirlTECH Lesson Plans
Homework Central
Connecting Students
3D Tic Tac Toe
Infoseek Educational Site
Blue Web'n
The Lesson Plans Page
Free Educational Worksheets
NCTE Teaching Ideas
Grade Level Internet Resources



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