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I'm Sorry...My Page Is Finally Up

UPDATE: 1/17/2006

I decided to show my Transformers collection on the site. There will be a seperate update section on the main page for when I get new ones.

Where To Go...Where To Go

Godzilla Dedicated to the big guy: contains monster bios, movie summarys, book reviews, and more.

Nerf A review of the various guns that I have, as well as war stories, my top ten choices and links to other cool nerf pages.

BooksThese are some of the books that I enjoy reading.

Bucket Tag™ A really fun game Moose and I co-created. Come find out how to play.

Music My favorite bands, the stuff I'm listening to now, and the CDOM list.

Transformers My Transformers Collection New

Me, Myself, And I A glimpse into the dementia that is your host.

My Friends The people I enjoy spending time with when they are around.

Stories Some interesting stories that happened.

PicturesParty pics and similar events

LinksSome links you may want to check out.

My Blog I got bored and started this.

(Warning! While I generally try not to, an occassional swear may pop up in here. I will try to curb my language but sometimes it is the best word for how you're feeling.)

MySpace Page

You know, I rather like Doug's little sponser bit so I decided to use it as well.

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Jolt...A necessary element for late night survival.

Beware. The skeletons guard portals to realms of unspeakable evil. These realms will corrupt you, cause you to become a junkie of the highest order. They will leave you a shambling wreck of humanity. Stay clear of them I tell you.

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