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Alligator Gar

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Join me in the exciting sport of bowfishing for Alligator Gar.
I'm Walt Klein. I have been bowfishing for Alligator Gar since 1985, and bowfishing in general since 1975.

Photo ©MMF

This picture demonstrates a unique characteristic of the Alligator Gar. The double row of teeth on the upper bill is not found in any other species of Gar.

The average adult Alligator Gar weighs about 100 lbs., though they may reach up to 300 lbs.

Some research suggests a gender change occurs at about 6 feet. Most Alligator Gar, 6 feet and above, (in a study of 350) were female, while all of the observed Gar under 6 feet were male.

Alligator Gar are a fish found throughout rivers and resevoirs in the Southern U.S., but I like to concentrate on the Trinity River.

Photo ©MMF
I can take two hunters at a time, and can outfit one hunter if necessary. For those hard-core bowfisherman, I recommend a Retriever bowreel with a 100 lb. test line, a roller rest, a glass or composite limb compound, and fiberglass fish arrows armed with Muzzy arrowheads. A general list of other supplies would consist of sunglasses, cap, mosquito repellent, sunblock, and a leather glove for fighting fish (left hand glove if you are a right handed shooter), extreme hot weather clothing of earth-tone colors (a long sleeve light colored cotton shirt is sometimes necessary).

Photo ©MMF
Your shots will be quick and your effective range is about 5-8 yards. Water visibility is zero. The fish will only be visible when they surface for air, so forget all methods of bowfishing in clear water, such as refraction. You’ll see several large Gar but will not be in range for all of them.

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