More Morse Keys etc

The Lewis Key Mounted On Wood

This is the Lewis Key side view after some clean up and mounting on a wood base with addition of four terminals. Two terminals are acting as wire or cable clamps and two as additional connections for running another key or set off the pair. Nice feel to the key after dissassembly, cleaning, and adjustments.

Another View of The Lewis Key on Wood

Top view of the Lewis key on the radio bench. Placed a Radio Shack type mono plug on the end of the red and black wires to plug into the jack box. The box in turn is plugged into the FT-897D transceiver.

J.H.Bunnell Box Relay And Key Set

This is a photo of an old J.H.Bunnell telegraph box relay and key set in working order. From a long time back, 1890 to 1910,,not sure of the exact time period. A very nice set by the Bunnell company in original configuration.