Welcome To Page 8 With WS19 And Keys

The first photo is again the Wireless Set 19 MKII with Power Supply No.2 for 12/24 Volts DC. Both mounted on the vehicular mounting rack.

This is a closer view of the front main dials on the Wireless Set 19 MKII by RCA. Showing the 80 meter and 40 meter dial frequency ranges. From a 1943 order by the Signal Corps. This is one of three inside views of the 19 set. Here is the second of three inside views of the 19 set. And, here is the third inside view from the top.
This is a different view of the Wireless Set 19 MKII with the pocket watch installed on the left side of the set in the clock mount. The watch is British Army from WW2 1943 issue. The power cable is not plugged in, just wrapped up on a nearby powersupply. And further a photo of the WS19 closer with flash. This is a photo of a static display tank at the 2010 Alliance Airshow just north of Fort Worth, Texas 30th October Saturday. The Wireless Set 19 was installed inside and the HF whip aerial on top mounted. Somewhat different mounting than the one I have.