Some Additional Key Info

Welcome to Page 7 with even more key info. Starting off with a photo of the Western Electric 35 Test Set that had four of the J.H. Bunnell 6b keys mounted on it. Each key had a number stamped on its knob from 1 to 4. Back on the bottom photo of Page 6 there are two brass 6b keys mounted on hardwood. They make a very good small key to use. They were removed from one of the Type 35 Test Sets.

Western Electric 35 Test Set Top

Here is the top view of a Western Electric 35 Test Set showing the four J.H. Bunnell 6b keys in place.


This key, an RAF No: 1 (About 1924) from England received years ago is mounted on a wood base measuring 5 inches(127mm)long by 2 1/2inches(68mm)wide by 1/2 inch(12mm)thick. It has a good solid feel to it when used. The extra two pieces of wood inset in the ends and the terminals remind me of many Marconi morse keys that were on wood bases. Not sure why they added the small lamp with two terminals, maybe for training.