Page 5 With More Morse Key Types

Welcome to the fifth page of mostly keys from different places.


French wine with Marconi keys.

This photo shows two nice dual lever keys. The one on the left is the Singapore station cable key from long ago. The nice key on the right is the replica key of one like the Muirhead Ltd key, a precision made key by Phil Boyle G0NVT in England. The submarine cable section on the left is by the Silvertown Telegraph Works in London and the section on the right is a telephone submarine cable from waters off the coast of Florida.


This is a photo of keys with pictures of three unknown French Morse keys. Used to think they were German, but not now. The lever made of a molded metal is the same make or shape style as the French aircraft WW1 spark key. Nice keys to use, a very different spring arrangement for the key lever. Looks like a coiled clock spring laying horizontally and placed in a round recessed place. The proper knob is about 1.25 inches in diameter.