A Few More Keys

These two nice keys were made by Walters Electrical Ltd in London a long time ago. Both are excellent keys to use on the air. More information later on. This is a photo of the Redifon Morse key received recently from Germany. a very nice key, I removed the wiring harness inside the bottom and added just the wires for terminal 1 and 2 for the front contacts. Also set the rf c oil back in place with out any wiring just for complete look. May wire the front contacts to the center of the dpdt toggle switch to use two radios with the key later on. This photo with the top on, the next with it off after cleaning up the bakelite, etc. Another view of the Redifon marine Morse key with the cover off after cleaning up. The one rear contact support post was missing as were the top knurled nut and screw plus the bottom support screw. Parts received from Phil Boyle G0NVT in England, and now installed, OK. New photo shows the installed nicely made parts.