Further Morse Key Photos and Info

Welcome to Page 2 for further key information, photos, and any other additons.


This photo shows the real nice JRC KY-3A received from England March 1st 2008. The background photo is of the MV Shenshi, a Japanese built 170,000 ton ore carrier ship (1977). This key came out of the ship's radio room once the ship went GMDSS. Probably not supplied with original equipment but obtained separately by the Radio Officer for his own use on board. An excellent key with a great solid feel when sending morse.


Here is a photo of an excellent heavy Morse key with a Peg in the back end for inserting in place "A" or "B" for circuit connections. Presently the Peg is in place "B". Reminds me of the early Siemens & Halske type of key. No maker's name or model number. Fine key to use on the air. Worked 103 CW contacts on 160 meters 12/4/2011. More info later on.