Morse Keys And Etc.

This photo shows the excellent replica Marconi key by G0NVT Phil Boyle in England. This is the type of Morse key used by Marconi during his experiments at the Haven Hotel, Poole, Dorset(near Southampton) leading to a development which resulted in the "Four Sevens", 7777 Patent of April 1900. The original key had a mahogany base with laquered brass fittings measuring 6 3/8 inches long. (Information from the Marconi plc web site www dot marconicalling dot com archive).
< This is the Canadian RCAF Key No. 10A/556. An excellent key indeed, and again, note the inlaid wood pieces on the wood base ends, much like the Marconi wood base keys. Not marked with dates or maker, just with the badge showing the key no or model. A great key to use anytime.