So, here we are with another great Marconi Type 365A morse key with cover and all complete I received from England in 1997, my very first one. It was accompanied by an equally nice 365D also shown here. These were the first 365 model of keys I had ever seen. It was from a for sale ad in a magazine. They are a real treat to use, as all the Marconi marine keys are by design. For me the 365D looks just like a 365B but assume it was put together in a warehouse in London or nearby with all original parts plus a newly made label that had the 365 with a D after it. Nice knob combination came on it also. The 365D sold on Ebay March 14th, 2014 Friday, so its now gone. This nice Marconi Type 100 or is it a 100A? Morse key is a great smaller key to use. With two connections at the rear for wires to the radio transmitter. There appears to be pins on each side edge of the bakelite for sliding on a cover.