This is the page I will add in over time with information on my Eddystone 830/4 Radio Receiver received from Canada (with no power cable, of course, it didn't work)Murphy's Law, if they say they don't have any power cable so could not check it out, buy it if you want but be prepared for some troubleshooting in the end. Meanwhile, I may get it going before long, and it does have a nice look. 415 made by Eddystone of England for the RCAF of Canada about 1966. More info later on. This is the left front view of the Eddystone 830/4 with the manual nearby and the newly arranged power cord like used on most computers and monitors. And this is another view of the 830/4. SP-600JX21 RADIO RECEIVER Soon to be added in is my Hammarlund SP-600JX-21 Radio Receiver in a black metal cabinet for desk or table use. Operates some bands but generally very weak or no signals. Oddly the 6 meter band does receive OK doing tests with FT-817 on 6 meter AM in the past. More later, after some capacitor replacement, tests, etc. Photos will be added. And here is the second photo with a somewhat upper view of the receiver. And a third photo with the inside shown after cover opened. And finally the fourth photo of the SP-600 slightly right side front view. GERMAN MENDE 240WDK RADIO RECEIVER 1938 Eventually will add in my newly received Mende 240WDK Low Frequency/Medium Frequency/and Shortwave radio receiver. My uncle brought this back from Germany near or at end of WW2. It worked perfectly and looked nice until left with some of his family who let it go to near ruin/neglect/etc. Never understand how anyone could do that after all the trouble to bring it from Germany all the way to South Dakota! Photos and info will follow eventually. So far have removed it from the wood cabinet to clean up and refinish the cabinet. Maybe find a complete unbroken dial glass, and the rear cover which is missing for some reason. This is a photo of the German Mende MS240WDK receiver showing the front glass dial scale removed with broken off left lower corner, more to do. This is another photo showing the clamps while using glue to secure loose pieces in place on the wooden cabinet. And yet another photo on the workbench of the German 1938 Mende MS240WDK radio receiver, removed from the cabinet and raised up to check under the chassis. Three sections, RF, Power Supply, and Speaker. TELEFUNKEN OPUS 2114 Radio Receiver with LW, MW, SW, and FM ranges. A nice radio receiver, good on FM, so so on SW and LW, and MW OK. Fun to use and nice looking set from Germany (1966). Last photo of the Telefunken OPUS 2114 closer angle, no flash, and the set turned on.