Welcome To Page 10 With Siemens Brothers Key

The photo below was in the ebay auction showing another old Siemens Brotheres key Type SB-43. Presently in need of some cleaning up overall, and replace the missing front upper contacts set and adjusting screw with locking knurled nut. Another photo of the SB-43 key after receiving it, facing left before cleaning up. And yet another photo of the SB-43 key facing right before cleaning up. This is the above key after some cleaning up. May change out the brounish bakelite for black phenolic for a tougher base. Here is the above key with the new hame made black phenolic insulated base. Some adjustments to be made, then will be better, can use now OK. This photo is the only one I have ever seen that shows two of these keys with covers on, mounted on a Siemens Auto-Alarm system for on-board ship use in the past. This is a nice condition old J.H. Bunnell strap key used for maintenance communications I believe. it is a bit too stiff for normal communications like with your radio set, or in the past on the wire lines. Here are two battery jars for making battery current where there were no batteries available. The one on the left was for a smaller local rail road station and the one on the right from a larger station in Oklahoma, long ago. Both fairly nice condition, but the right one developed a crack in part of the jar, I guess temperature changes, never been bumped, etc. More info later on.