The radio room operating bench(door from Home Depot) and latest keys. An Emilio Caimi Morse key with the ID label on it, and a cover, a real nice key. Received a special plug for it that works great from Mr. Begali in Italy. A precision machined plug to fit the two pins out the back of any Emilio Caimi key..... The lower photo shows the Emilio Caimi Italian Morse key received December 02, 2016. It was sent to me from Italy 7 November 2016, so it took awhile. A very nice key to use. Very heavy, no plug for the rear connections to radio equipment, so I used alligator clips with banana plug sockets with banana plugs, worked great. No ID plate on the front of the key but working on that too. The key on the right is the very rare French(used to think it was German) key, very nice to use, and unusual design.
The key shown here is the Marconi Wireless Telegraph Co. Ltd London serial number 444. A good solid Morse key with a condenser in the base for contact spark suppression. Interesting the cutout area on the top of the lever just like the large Marconi spark key shown down below. The ivory ID badge on the rear of the key base came out around 1905 to 1907. And here is another view of the number 444 key. this is the rear view of the 444 key with the ivory name plate. Here is a nice working Swedish key from long ago that has been mounted on a different wooden base. Very nicely done, reminds me of the Marconi keys with the additional wood piece across the ends of the wooden base to keep it level and straight without warping. This is recently received Marconi 365 Morse key missing parts and id badge and had a strange earphone placed in a hole on the left side of the cover. This is the same old 365 Morse key after some restoration and the cover in place of the hole where the earphone was in the cover. This is the 365 key left side view cover off as received. Here is the left side view after cleaning up, etc. Here is a view of the right side of the 365 as received. This view of the 365 is after some clean up and fixing. This is a photo of the front of the key base etc showing two holes for mounting the brass id plate that is missing. Here is a photo of the key front at an angle showing the my attempt at making a brass id badge for it. Just could not get the characters in a straight line when stamping them.

Reference Short Wave Stations

  • CHU Canada 3KW am 3.330MHz and 14.670MHz and 10KW am on 7.850MHz
  • WWV 2.5KW am on 2.5MHz and 20MHz, and 10KW am on 5, 10, and 15MHz

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