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Thank you for stopping by the official Southwest Junior Fuel Association website. Our goal is to provide a nostalgia style heads up drag racing event to bring back the feeling of the good old days of the wonderful world of drag racing. Our circuit is the only place in the southwest you will find front motored junior fuel dragsters in action!

We currently have 20+ active teams and interest in the SWJFA series continues to grow. Many of our members are original junior fuel drivers from the past that are still racing on the strip today. All of our teams are professional from the word go, not only in appearance, but attitude. Each car is required to have a (NHRA or IHRA) chassis certification along with each driver having a current competition license. Our focus is on giving the spectators and tracks the best show possible and having fun!

Heads-Up! Old School! Front Engine Nostalgia Drag Racing!

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SWJFA Garage Scene 2015

After a season that brought dozens of 9,000 rpm passes and several personal best times, it gets down to performing the maintenance needed to field one of these high winding, ear splitting, run it as fast as it will go fuel dragsters. In order to bring in some insight to what the teams of the Southwest Junior Fuel Association have been up to this off season, they have allowed us to take a look inside their shops and observe what it takes to be competitive and consistent in the world of heads-up drag racing.

Weíll start the tour of race car shops with the reigning SWJFA champion and go right down the list of last yearís participants that responded to an interview, in the order of their finish.

Ron Ussery & Odie Coker

After last seasonís Southwest Junior Fuel Association championship run, Ron Ussery wasted no time in starting to prepare his car for this year. The biggest issue for him was replacing the 1956 Chrysler hemi block he cracked on his way to the championship. Prior to this last block, which lasted about a year, Ronnie used the previous early hemi block for 26 years. Besides the replacement block, a faulty mag box was also replaced. The mag was firing cylinders at the wrong time causing sever detonation that Ronnie believes caused the block to crack. The carís now being prepared to go out and make those 9000+rpm runs again this year.

Hemi block, cracked from cylinder through web through main bore

Running the car as hard as it takes to win a championship 2 years in a row takes many hours of hard work and maintenance. Using 61 year old heads and a 59 year old block with a long stroke crank at 9 grand means a tear down after every race. Itís either maintain it now or pay dearly for it later. But for now, Ronnie plans on creating a few more good memories with the car. Along with racing his junior fueler, heíll also be running his Top Dragster RED car. Odie Coker will again be driving the junior fuel car this year. Odie says he canít wait for the racing season to get started so he can go out and kick some butt! Guess weíll just have to wait and see how that plan works out.

New short block waiting to be installed in Ron Usseryís dragster

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