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Special Meeting July 8, 1999


Special Meeting July 8, 1999
Last Updated 9 Jul 1999

  • The meeting was called to order by Pres. Beverly Baker.
  • Sec. Mayling Wysong performed roll call. There were 59 residences represented - either in person or by proxy.
  • Beverly recognized the following individuals:
    • Bill Herrera for making the "Meeting" signs.
    • Paul & Karen Vasinda, Billy & Amy Holden, Kay Chovan, Kari Hardwick and Ed & Mindy Gellock for helping to distribute meeting notices.
    • Mayling Wysong for putting together the slide presentation for this evening's meeting.
  • Beverly quickly reviewed "A Brief Guide to Parliamentary Procedure" to help everyone understand what it is and that using it will help our meetings be more efficient.
  • Beverly walked through the presentation, which was the Board's recommendations for how we should self manage.
    • Services were covered. It is recommended that our HOA utilize the services of John Raines Management to enforce our covenants, L & R Systems to handle our bookkeeping needs, and Tee-Up Lawn Services to maintain our common landscape areas.

      Questions asked during this section of the presentation were:

      Q1. What is the customary time frame between each of the four action steps taken by John Raines Management when a covenant is violated?
      A1. The entire process can take several weeks from the friendly phone call phase to the court enforcement phase.

      Q2. Where is John Raines Management located?
      A2. Rockwall.

      Q3. Why are we looking for problems if neighbors are not unhappy? Example: There is a boat on Moraine that is kept behind a gentleman's house. The neighbors surrounding this residence do not mind that the boat is there. But if the covenants are enforced then he is in violation.
      A3. Based on the feeling of the last meeting, it was decided that the CC&R's would not be altered and would need to be enforced consistently and fairly. If a covenant requires changing, then 90% of the homeowners will be needed to make an amendment.

      Q4. One covenant states something to the affect that pick-ups are not allowed to be parked on the street or in plain sight. One resident keeps his truck (Chevy S10) (that he drives to work) parked in front or in the drive-way. Is this a violation?
      A4. According to the Covenants, section 8.5, "No campers, vans, pickup trucks, boats, boat trailers, recreational vehicles and other types of non-passenger vehicles…" We believe this to mean only non-passenger or commercial type vehicles.

      Q5. Where do we send our dues?
      A5. Stonebrook Estates HOA, PO BOX 1051, Frisco, TX 75034

      Q6. Have we received everything from Principal?
      A6. We've received $5000 of our money. They have kept @ $1400 to see if any more June bills come in. We've received all our financial records through May 1999. They are keeping June to finish closing our account.

      Q7. Would it save us any money to get quarterly financial reports versus monthly ones?
      A7. No. Plus the Board needs those reports monthly in order to review that everything is being done.

      Q8. Is there anything that we can do about all the New Home signs that are put in the grassy areas outside our neighborhood?
      A8. We can check with the city to see if there is anything that can be done.

    • Projected Cost. Monthly figures were provided for each of the services we would be utilizing. Also, a prelimianry budget was given that showed what it would cost us for the remainder of the year. The preliminary budget only included monies that we would received as dues for the period 7/1/99 through 12/31/99. All other "old" monies would remain untouched.

      Questions asked during this section of the presentation were:

      Q1. What process was used to determine that John Raines Management and L&R Systems were thebest choice?
      A1. Beverly was referred to John Raines by our State Farm agent. The Board met with him and his references were checked. Beverly also solicited bids from SBB Management but they were far out of our price range and would not even consider handling covenant enforcement only. The next most reasonably priced firm was Principal.

      Q2. What about the lights in the front of the neighborhood?
      A2. Paul Baker is presently trying to acquire the parts necessary to replace the lights. We will only be paying for the parts. He has volunteered to donate his time to repair them.

      Q3. What does our insurance include?
      A3. Our policies include: 1) our wall is covered for accidental damage, 2) our sprinklers are covered for accidental damage, 3) the workers comp policy covers any employees on the property, 4) the Fidelity Bond covers the Board members in the event of fraud or theft.

      Q4. What is an estimate of savings that we would incur by voting for this recommendation?
      A4. An exact savings has not been calculated, however, there would be an $800 savings off the top because Principal's base fee was $5000/yr versus John Raines' all-inclusive fee of $4200/yr.

    • Responsibilities. The responsibilities for the President, Vice President, and Secretary were provided. Also, responsibilities for "Neighborhood Representatives" were given. It was recommended that one neighborhood Representative be elected for each street in Stonebrook Estates.

      Questions asked during this section of the presentation were:

      Q1. Can all board memebers sign checks?
      A1. Yes.

      Q2. Can a limitation on number of proxies held by one person be set?
      A2. Currently, the covenants do not set a limitation on the number of proxies that any one individual can acquire. Again, the covenants can be changed with a 90% affirmation of the Stonebrook Estates Homeowners. It will be noted that issues be listed on future proxies and that "absentee" ballots be included with meeting notices to allow those individual that can not attend to place their votes.

    • Voting.
      1. Should we hire John Raines Management/L & R Systems to handle our Covenant Enforcement and Bookkeeping needs?
        FOR - 59 votes
        AGAINST - 0 votes
      2. Should we elect Neighborhood Representatives?
        YES - 55 votes
        NO - 4 votes
      3. Neighborhood Representative Nominees:
        Moraine - Cherryl Ball
        Ledgestone - Mark Mueller
        Fieldstone - Lynnette Droge
        Stoneview - Diane Fullerton
        Stoneridge - Ed/Mindy Gellock
        Boulder - Karen Vasinda
        Pat O'Bannon made a motion to vote by acclimation. Wade Hilburn seconded the motion. The above individuals were elected as Neighborhood Representatives.
  • The meeting was adjorned.