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Talk about perfect timing. This picture was taken in San Antonio Texas at an outdoor Metallica concert. A lot of girls started flashing their equipment but the only problem was that there were too many people jumping everywhere and taking pictures was not easy. Well, i had just about given up when wouldn't you know it, out of nowhere this chic flashes just a few feet away from me. Thanks to my quick reflexes i can show you this pic.

This is from the same Metallica concert. This is just to show the difference between a close shot and a far one. You can clearly see the difference eh? Talk about a far yet very visble shot. And the crowd goes blind!!!

This is a pic of none other that the mighty Metallica. This is from their Re-load tour. My friend Artemio took this picture but as you can see, he's no expert photographer. Looks like it was snowing or something. Maybe if i had taken the shot myself, it would have been an instant classic, maybe even an album cover. Where was i you ask? I was in the back resting on the bleachers like a little girl. It was a very hot day and i was nearly out of it by the time Metallica played. I still got to see a good show considering how far i was. As usual, Metallica always delivers!

This is another Metallica picture taken at the Starplex Arena in Dallas Texas. This concert was called "Back Again" because of the incident where James Hetfield hurt his back and didn't make it for the July 9th Texas Stadium concert. Metallica promised to come back and play for free to all those that attended the July 9th concert. We got great seats the second time around. Definately the best seats i've ever had for a Metallica concert. This was my sixth time seeing them and like always, they kicked ass. Say what you want about Metallica, they always put on a hell of a show.

This is yet another Metallica pic from the same Dallas concert. Look at the killer flames! I sorta know when the pyros are set to go off and so that's why the flames look perfect. The song being played here is "One". When it first starts off you hear choppers and small explosions, then as it's winding down, BANG!, you see these cool flames shoot way into the air. I was more that ready for it as you can tell. It's a pretty impressive amateur pic if i say so myself.

This is the infamous Texas Stadium concert in Irving Texas. I was very far away from the damn stage as you can see. This concert featured System Of A Down, Powerman 5000, Kid Rock, Korn, and Metallica. This concert got way out of control early. A lot of people started ripping out the seat cushions and throwing them all over the place. They must have caused a ton of money in damage. Why couldn't they at least had taken the cushions home with them like me? :) This is the concert where James Hetfield didn't sing at all due to an injury he suffered. During the Metallica set, some of the members from the other bands joined in to makeup for the absence of James. They jammed all night to Metallica songs and even Lars and Jason did a Korn song with some of the Korn members.

This is "MegaDave", Megadeth's very own Dave Mustaine. This is from the Maximum Rock Tour at the Freeman Colliseum in San Antonio Texas. This tour had three of the best older metal bands still out there, Megadeth, Anthrax, and Motley Crue. We had good seating for this concert because we decided to move up closer and steal someone else's seats. My friend Artemio took this picture and did a pretty good job this time. These old guys can still jam! If you don't believe me then just check out the guy in the bottom right of this picture. Doesn't he look like he's having a blast?