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This is a group picture of some of my fellow co-workers. We are known as the Mercy Information Technology department. The Computer people. The guy in the gray suit is our head cheese or as we call him, our director. This picture was taken for a United Way fundraiser because all of us pledged money. We made 100% pledges and were bestowed the honor of coming out in our local newspaper and getting free pizza for our efforts. Do i look like i just murdered someone?

This picture was taken at you guessed it, Hooters. No, it's not an accessory store for owl's, it's only the best damn restaurant ever created. It's the only place where you can find chickenwings and strippers..err..waitresses all under one roof. The short chic next to me was our waitress. I would have shown more of her but some damn kid had to stick his face along with his little balloon in the shot. Grrr. Beat it kid! The chickenwings are good though but it's kinda hard to eat there with so many distractions. :)

Here i am sitting on a log pretending to fish. I kinda look like a shy-knees person because the sun was irritating my eyes. If i only had a pair of sunglasses! hehe This shot was taken at Choke Canyon Lake in Three Rivers Texas. I bet you didn't know that i am an avid fisherman. It's true, it's true! I love fishing. My friend Ram took this shot because he wanted a picture of the the best angler he knew. Well, a couple of minutes later wouldn't you know the bastard caught a fish! He caught a 2 pound bass. Although it wasn't that big he did manage to kick my butt that day because all i caught was a damn sunburn!

"No security im not stoned and therefore you don't have the right to search me". hehe Whoaaa, are my eyes glassy or what? I look like i just smoked a blunt. Actually it was the heat that caused my eyes to get red. My friend Art decided it would be cool to take my picture while looking like this. Well Art my man, here's to you! You know what you can do with this finger boy!