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March 28:

Linda Seebach,a resident of Alto,New Mexico,and co-author of the book Healing Shattered
,talked about her new book,Opening to the Infinite(Wild-flower Press,1998).
Linda co-authored both books with her mother,Alice Bryant.Both books deal with the lessons
learned by the two as they explored Linda's lifetime of abduction experiences.Linda shared how
she was able to get past the fear that usually accompanies alien experiences and how she found
a way to use them for her own spiritual growth.

April 25:

Longtime UFO researcher Bill English,now residing in Cloud Croft New Mexico,will travel to
El Paso to share with us extensive knowlege of UFOs gained through his years of investigations
both as a civilian and as a member of the U.S.military.

May 23:

Col.Wayn Mattson,USAF ret. (see interview this news letter) will speak on his extensive knowlege
of UFOs and his own experiences.he has investigated cases in Alamogordo (where he now lives)
White Sands and Holloman AFB areas.

June 27:

"ET Phenomena: Past,Present and Future",is the title of a lecture presented by Paula Greenwood
of Alamogordo New Mexico.Paula is a UFO experiencer,a psychic and a spiritual teacher who
studied for 22 years in California with two renowned metephysical academies.She is currently
writing an autobiography and teaches courses on topics of the paranormal.

July 25:

Author and lecturer,Clifford Stone,will travel to El Paso from Roswell New Mexico to speak
about his UFO investigations and government cover-up of UFO information.He is the author
of the book,UFOs Are Real!


All meetings are held at 1:00 p.m. in room 275 at the downtown campus of
the El Paso Community College at the corner of El Paso and Rio Grande Streets.

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