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Spaceghost has recently been resurrected out of his cheesy 1960's children's cartoon in which he battled the evils of the universe now to do part time work as a latenight talkshow host, along with his still bitter enemies Zorak (the giant Mantis and Paul-Schaffer wannabe), Moltar (evil cyborg type person infatuated with the TV show Chips) and Brak (well, not quite sure what he is), and a few others on the side. They are, when brought together, to say the least, a little disturbing, which is what makes for their comedy...

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Space Ghost

  • SG: "Home movie!" Zorak: "Oh, man..." SG: "Wahtch this one, faithful viewers. This is where I kick Zorak's sorry butt real bad. He rued the day he was born that time..." Zorak: [cutting SG off] "You didn't defeat me! I escaped in the final scene!" SG: "Oh, fine, just tell 'em the ending, why don't you?!" (RA)
  • "Throw another kangaroo on the barby... or something." (RA)
  • "Zorak, just remember who has the Orkin man on their speeddial." (RA)
  • [The Spanish Lesson:] SG: "'I wear a pant suit and a cape'" Voice: "Me visto con mayas y capa" (RA)
  • SG: "Let's do some readin'! 'Dear Space Ghost: I really like you, and I like when you zap Zorak. - Luke Case, Katch- Katcheh- Ketchup, Alaska!' Alrighty!" [zooop!] Zorak: "Ahhhh-uhh!" SG: "'Dear Space Ghost: I watch your show all the time! I love it when you zap Zorak! Could you zap him for me?' 'Chris Obermeyer' Okeydokey!" [zeeeoopp!] Zorak: "Ahhh-uhhh!" SG: "Continuing. 'Dear Space Ghost: I think you should zap Zorak billions and trillions of times! Your Pal, Chris Lefel' Incoming!" [zeeeeeoooomp!] Zorak: "Ahhhhhhhhhh-ehhhhuhhhh!" SG: "Yada yada, 'Please shoot Zorak with your power bands!' [zeeeoooopkhhh] Zorak: "Yahhhyahyahyahyah!" SG: "Yada, 'Remember to zap Zorak'" [zeeeeoooommp] Zorak: "Oooayayahowowwow! Wha'd I do to deserve this?" [zeeeooooo] Zorak: "Ahghaha!" Brak: "Boy, it's gettin' hot in here!" SG: "'Dear Space Ghost:' blahbidyblahbidyblah, 'Blast Zorak!'" [zeeeooom] Zorak: "Woohahahaaa!" SG: "And so forth, and so on, 'Blast Zorak,' Okay, hunker down, Harriet!" [chick] SG: "Whoops." Zorak: "Uhh, what's the problem?" SG: "I'm outta juice... no need to worry though! I am off to get recharged!" Zorak: "Well, oh, alright. Take your time!" (RA)
  • "Hey Brak, you're getting very sleepy!" (RA)

    Moltar, Locar, etc.

  • Locar, aka Potentate of Thug Locasts, (aka His Pretensiousness)


  • " I had to write on the blackboard a hundred times 'I will not squirt the teacher's pet'... it took me about two weeks, but it was worth it!" (RA)
  • "One of the many advantages of being cool like me is that you don't get eaten by cannibals." (RA)
  • Brak: "When do I get my day off?" SG: "When monkeys fly out of my... ear." Brak: "... when does the monkey come out of your ear? I don't have all day, you know!" (RA)
  • "Well you know I'm not as dumb as I look! I'm dumber! [laughing] Oh Boy! Uh boy. I'm dumber! [laughing] No! No! Wait! I'm dumber than that! [laughing] Oh boy am I dumb! [laughing] *shew*" (RA)
  • You know every body makes mistakes, even me. I remember this one time (I was at school) and I accidentally went into the girls' bathroom, and this girl yelled "HEYYY! What're you doing in here?!?" An' I said, "Well what are you doing in here?" (RA)
  • Brak: "Does anybody out there have any questions?" [voice]: "Why are you so stupid?" Brak: "Oh, well that's a good question!" (RA)
  • "Why do you always have to be so mean to me?" (RA)
  • "Zorak is a big booger, and Space Ghost's head looks like a hot dog!" Zorak: "Hot dog head!" SG: "Booger!" (RA)
  • "Ohhhhh, I'm a rambling idiot, rambling everywhere, I'm a rambling idiot, in my underwear!" (RA)
  • Brak: "Shutup!" Zorak: "Make me!" Brak: "Make yourself if you feel like it!" Zorak:"What if I don't want to?!" Brak: "Then you don't have to! Have a nice day!" (RA)
  • Brak:"Zorak, did you watch the Simpsons last night?" Zorak: "No, I missed it." Brak: "Was it any good?" Zorak: "I just told you I missed it!"(RA)
  • "I love you, baby! I love the way that you walk! I love you baby! I love the way that you talk! I really like it when you call my name! 'Hey Braky-waky!' Ohhh, I like your sister, I like your Aunt Louise! I like your doggie -- hey I even like his fleas! I really like it when you tickle me [laughing]... stop it! Somebody left the cake out in the rain... Oh NOOOOO! I was gonna eat that cake, but now it's all wet, and I don't think I want any! We could get married -- just the two of us! And you could get a job driving a school bus! I love ya baby -- will you marry me?!? You don't have to decide right away... think it over... who's it gonna hurt... where ya goin'? (RA)
  • Brak: "Heeeyyyyy, everybody!" SG: "Shutup!" Brak: "All I said was 'Heeeyyyy everybody!'" SG "And all I said was 'SHUTUP!'" Brak: "Boy, man, looks like somebody got outta the wrong bed today!" (RA)
  • Brak: "Doo-doo-doo-dooooo-doo... Hey! What're you lookin' at? What th'... Hey! Hi guys! I was just wanted ta... Heeeyyy. What're...Hey! You know the other thing, the other day, that happened... and so that's all over with... Guys? [pause] Hello? Where's it... Hey! Heeeeyyyyy! [incoherent] What're you lookin' at? I don't gehehet it! Oh, you're gonna be that way, huh?! Okay, so, the other day, the down-the-street walkin'... down th'... Will you say something??!?!? Come on! Okay, well you asked for it! I'm gonna sing a song! Um. [singing] Oh! I went down to the store, to get myself some bread! And the other day we... COME ON! I can't [incoherent] not funny! Waahhh, oh boy. Well, I am just gonna stop talkin'. Better believe it! Not gonna talk any more. [pause] Nope. [pause] Nosirree! When I say I'm gonna stop, I'm talkin', I mean it! [pause] You big coupla jerks!" Zorak: [snickers] (RA)
  • "Okay, so I was sitting in this diner, and this man walked up to me and says 'Hey Buddy! I haven't had anythin', I didn't have anything to eat in long time!' So I bit him! [laughing] Ah! ha! I don't know if I told that one right... (RA)


  • "I'm mean enough, I'm evil enough, and, doggonit! people hate me." (RA)
  • SG: "You don't have the slightest idea what you're talking about!" Zorak: "Not a clue!" (RA)
  • SG: "Be quiet, brown-nose!" Zorak: "Hey, I don't have a nose!" (RA)
  • "What can I say? Everybody likes flowers, even us evildoers." (RA)
  • Zorak: "Why are you punishing me this time?" SG: "Because you're evil."
  • "You've been known to wear red lipstick after one too many wine coolers!" (RA)
  • "Roaches are red, / and oh so delicious / I love how they're crunchy / and not too nutritious." (WAV)
  • Zorak: "Space Ghost, can I ask you something?" SG: "Sure!" Zorak: Why are you so stupid?" (RA)
  • Zorak: "Have you seen my tail" SG: "Your what?" Zorak: "My tail! Some joker cut it off!" SG: "You don't have a tail!" Zorak: "I know! Because some joker cut it off!" SG: "Calm down, Zorak!" Zorak: "You calm down! Did you eat it?" SG: "Why would I eat your stupid tail?!? I didn't even know you had one." Zorak: "Moltar?!" Moltar: "I didn't eat it. I don't even like tail." Zorak: "Oh wait. Here it is. [pause] It's not a tail afterall!" SG: "Play me to the desk!" Zorak: "It's a wacky fun slippery slide!" [beach music starts up] Moltar and Zorak: "Whohoa! Whee!" Moltar: "Hey check this out!" SG: "All right. Put the wacky fun slippery slide away!" Zorak: "Weehee!" [pause] Moltar: "Ow! My knee!" (WAV)
  • Brak destroys Space Ghost, part 1: Zorak: "Okay, Brak, repeat after me: 'Space Ghost,'" Brak: "Space Ghooost!" Zorak: "I will destroy you!" Brak: "I will destroy you... if you don't mind?" Zorak: "I will destroy you!" Brak: "Ohhh, I'm sorry, wait, I'll get it: I will destroy yooooo...." Zorak: "I will destroy you!!" Brak: "All right! [to SG] I will destroy you!" (RA)
  • Brak destroys Space Ghost, part 2: Brak: "I will destroy you!" Zorak: "You, and your little dog, too!" Brak: "You, and your li'l daaaawwg... Hey! I like his dog! Francine is a good puppy!" Zorak: "No... that was just a threat." Brak: "You wanna hurt Francine! You're a big, bad, green... um... thingy... guy!" SG: "Bug." Brak: "Bug!" (RA)
  • "Umm... am I supposed ta... have a line here?" (WAV)
  • Zorak: "'...if it looks like a duck, and smells like a duck, it must be a chicken.' I didn't know what in blazes he was talking about, so I asked him to explain. 'Think of it this way,' he said, 'It is a wise mantis that always leaves the the house in clean underwear, in case he gets run over by a hydrotanker.' It was then that I knew that Gandorf had lost his mind [thunder], so I bid him farewell and left to pursue my criminal career! -- a career that, given my present circumstances, has hit rock bottom. I guess you could say that Gandorf, the Mad Grinder, made me what I am today." SG: "A three-time loser!" Zorak: "Egg-zactly!" SG: "Never learned how to use the Force, eh?" Zorak: "I just couldn't get the hang of it. (RA)

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