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David W. Purkiss Homepage

This site is likely to go away sometime in the not too distant future.  Lycos has become a pain and I don't have the time to maintain a website anyway.  Sorry for those few who might visit this site.  I may not delete it but I can't guarantee any additional updates.

I am a research associate for the Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry at Texas Tech University. More on what I do for a living can be found on my Professional Page.

Answer Key for the 2010 SPSST Test (preliminary at least)

My Weather Page

It's under development so bear with me for a while.
It will likely always be under development.

What's New
on the site

Added another publication to my  Professional Page.

Some of my recent publications are being re-listed due to an apparent loss of the updated back up of the page.
There should be no missing ones soon.

Last update  25 November, 2009.

mail to:  d.purkiss at      replace at with the appropriate symbol.