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Footprints In The Sand
The Best Poem In The World

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Christian Links
Christian Page of Sounds
Ministry of the World 
Online Bible Home page 
Christian Bible Study and Chat Page 
Online Bible - Search for verses and scriptures

Game Links
SHAREWARE.COM - Download shareware games
Jeff's Code Page - Codes, Codes, and more Codes
DOWNLOAD.COM - Download shareware and Freeware
GAMECENTER.COM - Cheat codes to hundreds of PC games

Free Home page Links
Angelfire - Get a FREE home page
Chat Archive - Chat and get FREE home pages

Sports Links
Midland Angels Baseball
Midland Angels Professional Baseball
Odessa Jackalopes Professional Hockey
Odessa Jackalopes

Other Links
World War II Aircraft's
The Star Wars Extravaganza
Clay's Sound Emporium
The HTML Goodies Home page

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