a . a . v . f . f . f . 

Per for President!  
- The Duck

"Yeah, the PERfect PERsonification of flonking evil."  
- Blitz the Cat

"Per, you freak! I laughed so hard at this I have coffee comin' outta me
noseholes now.There was no need to just throw that out without some kinda
warnin'! *snort!*
....now I gotta get up 'n get more coffee... you sadist."  
- [Dr Entropy  entropyATchaosDOTcom]

"your flames have get weaker and weaker, pervert....  i shall enjoy
tossing you around like cats toy..the zit has spoen a true thing..."  
- xixix1ezitAThotmai1DOTcom 

"Is it not written: A spam for a spam, a troll for a troll, and a flame 
for a flame? And he who netcoppeth his fellow man (or woman), his blood 
shall be upon him and his e-mail shall bounce for all eternity.  
Vengeance is mine, saith Fluffy!"  - Medical Catastrophe

"Palmjob is an itch that needs to be scratched 
once every week or so. Just like doing dirty laundry."  
- Andrew Beckwith

"Truly the greatness of one is measured by the 
abilities of the twerps called advesaries they 
attract..... let us review:  
Archie Leach: a goat molesting pedophile 
victim who dances whenever I pull his strings, 
drops threads faster than spit freezes in minus 
degree weather 
James Kirk: Reduced to whining about crows 
and the snow plow... sad, very sad
Odious: Delusional non movie career having 
Flagg: A blatant racist hiding behind hypocracy
Dononli: a blatant communist homosexual
Blitz the Hairbll choker: Some meower wannabe 
that sucks more than them, struggling to grasp up any 
scraps I leave for him....
Per: see the above, any applies
Zitpopper: A teenager with a complexion problem 
taking his failings out on my
greatness, where the fuck do you get off? You steal 
my motif and you suck worse than fecal who at least of 
late has sense enough to hide from me....
in the immortal words of Dee Snyder: You're all 
worthless and weak!"  
- xixixlezitAThotmailDOTcom

"Cheshire, you pathetic, malodorous, pustule covered, lice infested, pus oozing,
self-righteous, overbearing, unstable, whining little simpleton.  Sit down and
shut up.  No one made you, sorry little goth wannabe that you are, the authority
on usenet posting etiquette."  - Dave Hillstrom   mhm15x4   meow

"Foxie (formerly known as Fox) sits on them for hours....she comes out 
of the cage briefly to eat lunch and dinner and drops a huge green, 
hot load on my arm and then squaks to be put back into the cage and on 
her eggs."  - cd cool [rcboatATptialaskaDOTnet]

"Do you fill up latex condoms with peanut butter, 
place them in toilet bowls then blindfold small 
frightend children and force them to reach in and 
remove what they think is shit? For added effect 
have them smash the condom onto their head then 
quickly look in a mirror, it will appear even more 
realistic when the kid sees brownish stains all 
over his face and he will be to shocked too realize 
its only peanut butter.  

This is a safe and fun fraternity prank everyone 
can enjoy."  - agent_foxmulderAThotmailDOTcom

"The ultimate rejection is when even your hand 
turns you down."  -[The New Improved Rocky Now 
With Added Cśsium
           ________     ________   
          / ______/\   / ______/\     ___   
         / /\_____\/  / /\_____\/    /  /\   
        / /_/__      / /_/__        /  / / 
       / _____/\    / _____/\      /  / / 
      / /\____\/   / /\____\/     /  / /  
     / / /        / / /          /__/ / 
    /_/ /        /_/ /           \__\/  
    \_\/         \_\/

"yes, it's all good.  except for Per. he's evil and wrong."  
- Minou [dmeatherATualbertaDOTca] 

"oh crap.  even more evilness!  will it never end?  
you just *oooze* it don't you?  mr. anti-cherry-coke."  
- Minou [dmeatherATualbertaDOTca] 

Peter Miller-EvilMeower(at)hotmail(dot)com 
decided to add this to the bible:  
"I think Lewis really is messed up on crack, and Per is a Evpxfunj Chyyvat
Pbbyvr Jub Jrnef n Fgenj Ung naq Objf Ybj, Irel, Irel Ybj." 12/14/98

          WILL NO ONE THINK OF THE CHILDREN!!!!!1!  - Per 
         BARNEY DOES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!2!  - The 2-Belo
       PER IS TOO BUSY RUNNING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!3!  - Per
     SEE PER RUN!!!!!! RUN, PER, RUN!!!!!!!!!!!!4!  - Medical Catastrophe
  SEE PER. SEE DICK. SEE JANE. SEE PER DICK JANE!!!!!6!  - Blitz, the Cat
SEE JANE PURR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!7!  - Medical Catastrophe

"You know what they say:  
'PUNCTURE, the next best thing after ABBA!'"  -Per

"But that's only because ABBA *RULES* the dyslexic 
Oh shit, now I have 'Dancing Queen' playing in my head.
Damn you."  - Chip Sintax

"I ate crabs once. That'll teach me to hang around with cheep women."  
- The New Improved Cupid Stunt Now With Added Cśsium

"When a Furby is sexually molested, it -will- explode.  
They don't tell you that when you buy the damn thing."  
- Flaagg

"And the tragic part is, due to the analgesic 
nature of the drug, you're always the last to know."  
- Balloo [answering Per's post]

"The Backstreet Boys would look sorta nice in 
short skirts, if it were done tastefully."  - Flaagg

"Per, Elves aren't full of shit.  We just have a 
rather colorful way of expressing ours'elves."  
- Tiernan

"This reinforces my theory that all children 
are on drugs. 
I made a toasted Coco Pops sandwich once. 
FUCKING AWFUL."  - Medical Catastrophe

"Think of the fun you will have rebuilding all those shattered
ego's.-SkidMarK."  - Dr Gilbert T. Sullivan

"January 3, 2010 so much gas will built up in my body, and when I let it
thru my anus, millions will die."  - Per 

"I am going dressed as a dildo.  Per, the Giant Dildo!"  - Per

"veggie lasagna is like a quentin tarrantino movie 
in which nobody says the word fuck."  - JungleAcid 

"Per is in real life ROSS PEROT! I know, because I just typed PER on my 
quotron and came up as Perot Systems Corp. It makes sense too, as the Per 
we know here is a haX0R w1zarD in the information field.

I'd do some more investigation right now but I'm off for the weekend for 
some caving fun. Someone else maybe'll have the time. THIS IS MORE 

"Ronald Reagan wasn't queer and he fucked an entire country."  
- ÷berfeldkommandantur [Ret] Scratch "—" Sniff

"You are so evil, Per, so wicked and wretched and bad.  
You are my star pupil!"  - Smee

"It's better to marry your hand than find termites in your woody."  
- Spink Tillfieldson

"Waking up every morning to the sound of giggling Teletubbies has 
helped me learn something.  I'm not quite sure what that something 
is, as my brain seems to have dribbled out through my ears, but 
that's besides the point."  -Somebody 

"Hey, the Teletubbies are on Per! ORGY! Again, again!"  
- Medical Catastrophe

"do elephants use epileptics for vibrators?" 

"do elephants use sheep as tampons?"

"I run naked through the streets because I am free.  Paradoxically, 
this almost inevitably leads to my incarceration."  - Balloo

"As me dear, sainted grandpapa would say: 'Hey, little girl. Just reach in
my pocket, and you can have whatever you find.'"  - The Duck

"I told them I listened to Puncture and they suggested taking a bath 
with my toaster."  -Balloo

"be careful, Per, those have been referred to as Fantasy Islands, and 
kawongatits. they may be too much for a lad of your tender years.

"Note to readers: The 'bork bork bork' sound you can hear is Per's
eardums imploding as Panasonic activate their Infrasonic Disruptor."  
-Medical catastrophe

see?  you're wrong AGAIN.  

CC*=good, not satan's sperm.  
corndogs are yummy and good for you.  
A Bug's Life is better than Antz.  
minou. is nice and cute, not boring and homely."  - minou

"If she rubs her tit(s) up against the scanner, I'll rub my penis on my 

Mmmm, cybersex!"  - Per 

"We are merely trying to conduct our Bible studies in peace. Please stop
trolling in alt.romath or we shall be forced to netcop you to the LORD."  
- Medical Catastrophe 

"I love edible undies! Had some for breakfast this morning.
I hear they're even better if someone's wearing them."  - The Duck 

"Okay,fine. I PER nouce you R>>I>>P, after I PERerctly whip your ass. 
Okay PER."  - MR.EXTREME1 

"don't get all snitty, my imPertinent Pervert. my lust for you is 
Permanent and Perpetual. i Perspire at the thought of you, Perfect one."  
- Áu 

All Hail Per, for he refuses to *poke* the shitpacker."  
- foxanna 

"Libras should avoid eating, Sagittarians should avoid meeting people, and 
Vegetarians should avoid eating meat. Or people."  
- The 2-Belo

oops. I've been playing _Doom_ too much lately. *twitch*"  
- The 2-Belo

"I think we've found our winner.  The 1999 award for best parody movie 
with the word penis goes to Per for 'Penis Park, Bigger, Longer, and 
Uncut'."  - Joe Dick

- Rufus Liberace Xavier Wieslaw Saspirilla Kochanski© 

- Medical Catastrophe

"Jesus, Laue.  You suck so bad that even Per is making fun of you.  I've 
never seen Per flame *anyone* before."  - Sergi 

"Me neither. I think Per just lost his flame virginity!"  
- Medical Catastrophe 

      (`-')                 _                               _
      /  ee`.     _ _  ___ | |_  _ _   _ _  ___  ___  ___ _| |_
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  /    |`.\  \                  <___'
  | |_.|  | | |
   \__.'`.|-' /   teh niec veronica grerl gaev me theis peictuer
   L      `--'\
   |           \
   J            \    i wuold looek so cooel in a foerd msutteng
    \         /  \
     \      .'`.  `.                                            .'
   ___) /\ (____`.  `-._______________________________________.'/
  ///__/  \___\\\ `-.________________________________________.-'

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