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"Mama's Hands"

Mama's hands have held me tight when the thunder was too loud

they've pointed to the sky to show me animals in the clouds

Mama's hands have braided hair and buttoned up my coat,

they've waved goodbye to the school bus and written lots of notes

Mama's hands have clasped in prayer and taught me to say grace

they've wiped tears, played pat-a-cake, and washed my dirty face!!

they've spanked behinds, pinned diapers, wrapped presents for the tree,

they've stirred many birthday cakes and bandaged up my knee

Mama's hands have thrown a kiss, hung clothes out on the line

they've driven me to football games and made the furniture shine!!

Mama's hands have clapped in time to the music that she sings,

they've planted trees and flowers and held butterfly wings

they've pulled down shirts and tied my shoes and tucked me into bed

they've slowly turned the pages of the Golden books she read

Mama's hands were busy, they thought their work was done

But now, after all these years, they're showing love to my son!!

I wrote this for my Mom on Mother's Day, 1989

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