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Texas Rebels

My brother, Jeff and his wife, Barb,live in California; but are Texans at heart!!...Jeff has always been my buddy...has always been there to pick up the pieces when I fall apart!!..a wonderful brother!!...has a knack for pulling the greatest April Fool's jokes...and I fall for 'em every time!!

Here's Mama!! The Crazy Cajun glue that holds us all together!!...loves to sing and dance...taught us to two-step and jitterbug in the kitchen as soon as we could walk!!...has always been young...and has never acted her age!!...

Angel, Mom, my brother Jim...he's the craziest one in the bunch!! always hilarious!!...he's my buddy too...always cheerful...and knows just what to say...and can sing with this powerful voice that will give you goose bumps!!!

Uncle Buck and my sister, Myra...two of my favorite sister is the sweetest woman I know...always looking on the bright side of things...and Uncle Buck is "the Dude"!!...both have this way of creeping into your heart and making it all better...

**My Dude left us all behind on August 26,1998...but, he's finally found some peace
**Myra passed away on February 18, 2000...I'm asking each one who reads this to seriously consider organ donation...she would have lived had a kidney been found

and me!! collect bears and angels, believe in the real ones!!...and try to believe in people...although the times I've been dissappointed have never equaled to the times I've been pleased!!...have to believe that there's good in everyone...sometimes they just take the wrong turn at the fork in the road!!