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"Please go forth and tell the truth. There can be no free speech, no freedom of the press, no freedom to protest, no freedom to worship your God, no freedom to speak your mind, no freedom from fear, no freedom for your children and for theirs, for anybody, anywhere, without the Second Amendment freedom to fight for it.
If you don't believe me, just turn on the news tonight. Civilization's veneer is wearing thinner all the time." --- Charleton Heston, closing a poignant speech to the National Press Club in Washington D.C. on September 11, 1997.

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Imagine that you, as a law abiding citizen, have just turned over your
principal home defense weapon, an old pump action shotgun, to the
police officer standing in your home. You were also ordered to give him
your twelve year old son's .22 rifle, the one your father proudly
presented you on your twelveth birthday. That same day police threw your
weapons in a pile where they were cut up and smashed into hulks of steel.
When the police left your home they checked off your name and proceded
to that of your neighbor. He had talked of hiding his weapons. You pray
he didn't because you know he will be thrown in jail for four years and
face a $20,000 fine. Another neighbor told the authorities he would just
as soon leave the country with his legally owned weapons rather than face
disarmament at the hands of his government. He was told he could leave
the country at any time, but had to leave his guns behind, so they too
could be destroyed. All over your nation this is happening, and so many
smashed guns accumulate they affect the world scrap steel market.

You are told you may keep guns that are not pump action or semi-
automatic, like your wife's little .410 single round shotgun, but they may too be taken
from you at any time in the future. You are also informed that police may
enter your home at any time without a search warrant to inspect your
storage facility. It must be steel, bolted to the wall, and your guns
must all have trigger locks. The quality of your storage will be judged
on-site by the police officers that enter your home, and you silently
hope the police don't have a bad day right before your inspection.

As the police left, you wondered aloud to your family why the
government is targeting law abiding citizens. The police officer told
you that in Australia, there is no American Second Amendment, and
citizens have no legal right to bear firearms.

Now imagine another "free world" government, Great Britain, that has
siezed all handguns from its citizens. Even the Olympic shooting team
cannot practice in their own nation. In an obscene turn of irony, untold
thousands of the handguns stripped from law abiding citizens were supplied
by Americans as a result of the lend-lease act. During the darkest days of
World War II, thousands of National Rifle Association members had given
British subjects pistols, rifles, and shotguns following the evacuation of
Dunkirk. Thousands of British soldiers had been rescued from Dunkirk as
the Nazis had attempted to run them into the sea. Unable to take most
of their weapons with them, the Brits fought with their own precious
guns, and their homes lay unprotected as soldiers used their personal
weapons to fight off the German threat to their homeland. Now the
citizens of that nation have had those home protection weapons siezed
by the same government that thanked America for its help protecting
its shores and souls.

This is not "right-wing black helicopters extremist fiction."

All this is true... it has happened. Our freedom-loving, God-fearing
ancestors left England and fought for their rights to individual
freedom of religion, speech, press and self-determination. Those
patriots also gave Americans the right to protect themselves and
their families through a unique document, our Constitution, and through
our Bill of Rights. Unless we as free Americans strive to protect our
Second Amendment we will go the way of other so- called free nations
and watch as our right to responsible self-protection will pass into

"To ride, shoot straight,and speak the truth- This was the ancient Law of Youth.

Old times are past, old days done; But the Law runs true, O little son!"
--- Charles T. Davis

Stay tuned. This page, formed October 8, 1997, will have political
commentary concerning a wide range of topics on a regular basis.

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