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Notes on Channel One

November 4th, 1997

Half a century ago, the Nazis killed millions of people. Thousands of americans died fightning the Nazis. Up until now, it was believed that the U.S. was free from WWII. It is believed that some of the U.S.'s gold is used for the tooth fillings and pots of WWII victims. The Nazi gold was melted down so that it cannot be determined what kind of gold it was, and in some cases, not even the quantity.

Two weeks ago, channel one did a report on how becoming a mother changed the lives of three girls. Now they will interview a father. He didn't even think about the consequences. He asked her out on a Wednesday morning, and she said "I guess." When Amber discovered she was pregnant, she was only six weeks away from actually giving birth. When Allen and Amber discovered the news, they packed their bags and left. Their parents were willing to help, and when they heard about that, they were already almost in Canada. The child spends half the week with his mother, Amber, and half the week with his father, Allen. His main worry is Amber and him right now. He is scared for the child. If he and Amber seperated somehow, the child will be stuck in a predicament. He realizes now, that despite all the shows and books, that this is the real thing, and he is a real father. "No matter what you think, you are responsible for that child." says Allen. Over 80% of teen moms raise their children without help from the father.

November 5th, 1997

Sadam H said that if any American planes fly over the Iraq area, they would be shot down. Iraqis deny all accusations that they have weapons that aren't allowed to be in possession of any country at this time. Sadam's image is everywhere. his propaganda is universally accepted. Sadam appears to have so much supporting Iraq, he may not need any military victory to win the minds and support of people. The folks at the Pentagon are always aware of Sadam's actions, and while they don't really expect that he will escalate into more than tough talk, they are still aware of the possibility.

Every year in November, Americans get to flex their freedom: they get to vote. Many people enjoy voting for the first time because they have more of a feel of freedom and power to be able to have a voice in major decisions around and about the Nation. In NYC, their mayor was re-elected by a landslide. I can't believe they played the ROCKY SONG FOR HIM!!! How odd. In Houston TX, elections showed results of Affirmitaive Action remaining in effect.


Four students from West Hernando were selected to answer a Pop-quiz question. "Which war was the U.S. fighting when they decided to make the legal age to vote 18?" The answer was C, the Vietnam War.

November 6th, 1997

E-Mail has suddenly become hate mail. A young surfer in California admits to sending threatening email to others on the net, and now he faces court trial. He thought it was a little prank, but to those who recieved the message, which said, "I will hunt all of you down, and kill you.", it was a hate crime. Some people think that those are words that are intending to start a war or begin some kind of conflict.

In the year 2000, thousands of millions of computers may become obsolete, or even worse, will become confused by the 2000, and read it all as 1900. It will literally set man back by a 100 years. Its a problem that will eventually cost billions of dollars both to fix, and then to solve. The owners of the companies that find the best way to fix it, will probably become rich. If all of their solutions are wrong, then we're SCREWED!

Pop Quiz:
Which has more computing power?

The answer was B: a Pocket Computerized Organizer.

November 20, 1997

There's a plan to end quarreling with Iraq, and its Russia's. Last week, the stops on destroying Sadam's chemical weapons were pulled. However, they have alot more. He has the power to pump out a lot of powerful poisonous weapons. One bomb, "The Poor Man's Atom Bomb," can destroy half of Washington's citizen's. The U.N. Security Council will meet soon to decide what to do about this situation.

In 1993, the Pentagon decided to let Women in the Military. One of the most dangerous plans of flying a plane is landing it, and before the combat bars were lifted, you had to be a man. Now, even women are flying, and landing, F-18 Hornets. Over 90 people who trained in flight to fly an F-18, only 2 were women. All the men were waiting for the women to mess up just so that they could complain about their flying abilities. Some men, the better ones, have no problem flying with women. They see them having the same capabilities as most of the men. Never has anyone, not even the men, been relaxed while landing on the ship at night. Men and women both are proud of the female fighter pilots. "Its not a matter of being female, its a matter of whether or not I can perform," says one of the female pilots. The landing procedure requires a pilot to catch a wire on the ship, or die.

Septuptlets are kids that are born 5 at a time, and right now, there exists one set of septuplets, 2 boys and 3 girls, that have actually survived. They are the first in history.

There was no Pop Quiz!