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E-Mail Games

If you have already signed up for a Cyber Account Number, you can check the new Waiting List to see who you would like to play. If you have any one special in mind, you can go to the Register to Play and type in that opponent's Game Name. If that opponent is not currently registered, your name will be placed on the waiting list with the "Prefered Opponent" filled in as whomever you challenge.


Through the years, you've learned to love email for obvious reasons. Its fast, you can style it up, you can keep in touch with family members and friends, and you can save and retrieve messages at the push of a button. Email has become very useful, and at some times, important. And the ability to print it out onto paper makes it a semi-word processing system.

But what does the future hold for email? Who knows; perhaps banking and accounting, playing games, or even jobs!

The Future

Well, me, you, and your email address are about to take a step into the future. Using email, you are going to play a game. This game is similar to DOOM Deathmatch on the PC and the widely known XBAND Video Game Modem for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System.

The Beloved XBAND, and CYBER

As some or little of you on the World Wide Web may know, on XBAND there was a game called Cyber. Cyber was an email game, it used email to play it. Now, it was a very successful game on the XBAND modem, but due to lack of preperation and planning on my part, I could not keep up with it, and had to dump the game. I was in the middle of planning it again, and was about to re-start it on XBAND, but the XBAND service quit the Super Nintendo. So now, while it is still in test mode, I give you the edited and revised version, all hyped to be played on the Internet.......



These are the rules that I have edited and was about to use them on the XBAND Modem, and as games progress, I'll edit and revise rules and other parts of the game as needed.

The Objective

Your Objective is to kill your opponent in order to receive points. Every time you win a battle you receive a certain amount of points. The amount of points you get depends on what Cyber Level your opponent is on.

Matching You Up with an Opponent

If you are on Level One, I can only match you up with fellow Level One Contenders, unless you grant permission to do otherwise. In that case, you may be matched with an opponent that can easily waste you.

The Two Types of Game Play

There are two types of game play. The first one is Steady Play. In Steady Play, you will register yourself to play a game, and the first opponent available to you (on the same level as you unless you say higher) will be your opponent. I then choose the level you will play in and give you both due dates and times to turn in your COMMANDS, so that makes the game play equal and steadily paced for newcomers or people who like this sort of stuff but cant be on at hours a time.

The second type of play is Fast Play. This play mode is much faster, and the experienced players who think quicker and can type faster are more likely to be the victors, but playing someone on the same skill level will provide a heated competition between equal weaponary. In Fast Play, you will register yourself to play, and set a certain time to play against your opponent. If you say "No" to playing higher skilled players than you, then I will try to find you an opponent to play on your skill level at the time you select. If I cannot find you a person by that time, I'll notify you that no opponents have challenged you and you will be given the opportunity to register again at a different time.

If you answer "Yes" to playing against someone of higher skill than you, I will try to find you and opponent to battle at that time, no matter the skill level.

The Point System

The amount of Points you get depends on who you're playing. If you play someone that has 20 points and you win, you will be awarded 20 points. This DOES NOT mean that you took his/her 20 points away from them. They still have 20 points, but now so do you! For every 1 point you receive you will get $1.00. So if you just won your first game and it was worth 35 points, you'd receive 35 points as well as $35. Now lets say that you buy 3 BOXES OF BULLETS (costing $30) and 5 SHELLS (costing $5) at the Cyber Shop. You have spent all your money, but you still have your 35 points.

Selecting the Stage You Play In

Please Note that you may ONLY select the stage you play in if you choose to play in the Fast Play Mode.
If you are the first person to register to play Cyber on a specific time and date, you will be considered Player 1. If you are the second player to register on that time and date, or you accept a challenge, you are considered Player 2. Player gets to choose the stage you will be battling in. Player 2 however, while he/she doesn't choose the stage, gets to choose which starting point he/she will begin in.

Starting Points

There are 5 stages to choose as your battlefield in Cyber. Each of these stages has two starting points. In some cases, Starting Point 1 may be more beneficial, or vice versa. But some of the stages don't really have more/less beneficial starting points. Keep this in mind if you are player two, and keep track of which stages have the better starting points.


Time Penalties

Please note that this Penalty applies only for those who wish to play in the Fast Mode.
Because YOU and your opponent choose a specific time to play, both of you must be on and ready to receive E-Mail at that time. If I dont receive a reply from you within 10 minutes, you lose. Of course, no one takes turns. The faster you are in receiving and sending email, the faster you will move in the battle. If you are slow at receiving, typing, and sending your email, you will be at less of an advantage. If you do not email me within 10 minutes of the specific time to play, you will lose, and your opponent will be awarded the point. Should both you and your opponent not email me saying you wish to begin, the game will be canceled or stronger penalties may apply. Stronger penalties apply to any player that repeats offences or when both players do not show up. Stronger penalties include:

Registering to Play Cyber Part 1

To get a Mystical Realm EMG Account Number, email me your
After I have have received the previous information, I will give you your Mystical Realm EMG Account Number. This is all completely free, so don't worry about costs. After you have received your Account Number, you can play Cyber as much as you like WITHOUT having to repeat this process.

Registering to Play Cyber Part 2

Now that you have an Account number, you can play Cyber. To register to play Cyber, email me the following information:
After I receive this information, I'll post your time on the Time Schedule, and hopefully you will get an opponent.

The Game Itself

Now that you know the background, the rules, and how to sign up to play Cyber, its about time you learned how to play it.


There are a number of weapons in Cyber. Here they are and they're descriptions:
This is your standard weapon, but it won't be enough to take down your opponent if they are at a high level. Once you buy the Chaingun, you can sell your pistol for $5.
This high powered pump action shotgun is worth the money it costs. With the ability to drain up to 50 Health Units, you should have no trouble downing your opponent, at least for the time being. There is a downside, however. To use the Shotgun, you must take one turn to fire it, and another turn to cock it.
Double Barrel Shotgun
This weapon is meant to be used at close range, for it is a sawed-off double barrel shotgun. At far range, this weapon will be a waste of shells draining only 10 Health Units. But using it at close range is indeed rewarding. It drains a good 100 Health Units. This weapon takes two turns to cock.
This weapon drains as much as the pistol does (anywhere from 2-30 Health Units), but you get to choose how many bullets you use on the enemy, and you don't have to cock it.
Mega Chaingun
This is just like the Chaingun, except the ammo it uses is shells. You cannot buy this weapon.
Rocket Launcher
You can launch one rocket at a time with this. The damage it does is anywhere from 800-1500 Health Units.
Mega Rocket Launcher
This takes as much damage as the Rocket Launcher, but you have to be two rooms away from the explosion. This means that if your opponent is 1, 2, or 3 rooms away, he'll be damaged by 800-1500.
Plasmatic Charge Acceleration Gun
The Plasma that fires out of this weapon is less effective than a shell, but you can hold more Plasma than you can hold shells. You can choose the amount of Plasma that you use, and it doesn't have to be cocked. It is much like the Maga Chaingun, only you can buy a PCAG and keep it. Damage per Unit of Plasma (UP): 45 Health Units.
Flash Cannon I
The Flash Cannon I is a poweful weapon that damages the enemy by 1000 Health Points and uses 40 UPs. This weapon also blinds the opponent for one turn.
Flash Cannon II
This weapon is similar to the Flash Cannon I, but it uses 80 UPs and drains the opponent by 2000 Health Units.
Flash Cannon III
This almighty weapon is also known by former players on the XBAND as "The BFG," or the "SAVIOR" for the obvious reason that it will save your life in the heat of battle. This weapon requires 300 UPs, and drains a whopping 10,000 Health Units from the opponent. It can only be used twice, and then it overloads. Using it 3 times will result in an overload of Plasma that will kill you. After using it twice, you should just trash it, despite its amazing cost.


There are many Items in Cyber, and each has a different effect than the other, or an added one. He is a list of all the Items.
Health Bonus
Heals 15 Health Units.
Armor Bonus
Adds 15 Armor Units
Heals 50 Heath Units
Refresher Kit
Heals 150 Health Units
Refresher Pack
Heals 350 Health Units.
Medical Kit
Heals 500 Health Units.
Antidote Pack
Contains 5 Pills that cure Poison Effects.
Gives you 100 Units of Armor
Mega Armor
Gives you 4200 Units of Armor
Odin's Orb
Heals 1000 Health Units
Shell Orb
Makes you Invulnerable to attacks. Duration: 10 turns.
Ghost Sphere
Makes you invisible to your opponent's sight. Duration: 10 turns.
Purification Orb
This Orb heals you from Poison Effects and prevents you from getting Poisoned again. Duration: One Battle.
Orb of the Gods
Brings your Health and Armor to its max, makes you Invisible and Invincible, and protects you from Poison. Duration: 25 turns
Health Tank
Adds 100 Health Units to your total.
Health Tank+
Adds 500 Health Units to your total.
Health Reserves
Holds 1000 Health Units in reserve to heal yourself, just in case.

The Cyber Shop

Welcome to the Cyber Shop. Here you can spend your money that you have earned from winning battles. Please remember that using money DOES NOT mean that you are losing your points.

Hazards of Cyber

The Virtual World of Cyber has many dangers within it. The wary venturer will steer away from them, but there MAY be times that even the best will be trapped or fooled. Beware....
Poison Marshes
One step into this terrain and you will be damaged by 100 Health Units per turn until your death. To cure this effect, use a Poison Pill or pick up a Purification Orb.
Exploding Barrels
These barrels damage you by 800 and Poison you. Try to shoot it when your opponent is near it.
Toxic Waste
This is just like Poison Marsh, except the effect is double. 200 Health Units per turn will be deducted.
Fake Mega Weapon
A Mega Weapon (like the Mega Rocket Launcher) can either make or break you. If it is real, it will actually SHOOT when you use the ATTACK command. If it is fake...
Bomb Switch
There are many switches in Cyber. Many are good, others are okay, and others will open a hole in the ceiling and drop a rocket in your head.
Your Opponent
The most dangerous Hazard in Cyber.


Now that you know the background, how to sign up, the story, and all the little things there are to CYBER, its time to give you the very root of Cyber, the Commands.

Further Explanations

Further Explanations on the Strafe, Escape, and Follow Commands

The Strafe, Escape, and follow commands are the most complicated commands so far. The Strafe command requires the knowlege of Room Coordinates, so that is what I will cover first.

Strafe Command

Strafe will make you dodge enemy fire. Using it can be quite useful. But it throws you off track a bit, and you will have to use Strafe or Walk to put you back on track. To help me explain, I will use this as an example of an ordinary room in Cyber. Ordinary rooms have 9 seperate sections. Like this:

Section 1 Section 2 Section 3
Section 4 Section 5 Section 6
Section 7 Section 8 Section 9

Normally, when you enter a room, you will enter in either Section 2, 4, 6, or 8. Now, lets say you entered from the East section. You would walk in from Section 6 and be facing west. If your opponent was in the room, and was facing you from Section 4, you might want to Strafe to avoid his shot. (If he does shoot.) If you strafe RIGHT, you would be facing West from Section 3. If your opponent had fired during the same turn you strafed, he would have missed (unless he was using the Rocket Launcher or one of the Flash Cannons). Now you can attack Section 4 and attempt to damage your opponent. Section 4 and hit your opponent. You CANNOT strafe and attack at the same time unless you have reached a certain level.

As you can see, strafing is different from turning or Walking. If you were in the same situation, but instead of strafe, you used turn right, you would remain in Section 6 and face North to Section 3, not move to it. This will allow the enemy to hit you from the side. Had you used Walk right you would TURN to your right and then walk straight to Section 3, so you would be facing North in the corner.

Escape and Follow

The Escape and Follow commands are also useful, but drain helath when used. Escape is a sort of counter move against an attacker. If you are in a room and are being ambushed by an attackers arsenal, and you REALLY need to get away, you can simply type ESCAPE as your command an you will run to the previous room. This will not take a turn up, so now you are in the room you were just in, and you can now take a different path. So in a way, this is actually 2 commands in one. For instane, lets say you enter a room at section 8, and there is nothing n here. You are facing north, and there happens to na entrance to another room in just passed section 2. You dece to go in this new room. So you WALK 3 STEPS forward. You now enter the new room from section 8, and your opponent is right there! He has a nice big gun and he unleashes it on you. OUCH, that hurt, so you use the ESCAPE command. This sends you to the previous room where you can now choose a better path. Your opponent saw you leave the room, so he WALKS 3 STEPS forward to try to kill you in the room you just were in, but you aren't there! This is because you used the ESCAPE COMMAND. If he uses the FOLLOW command after you use the ESCAPE command, he can still follow you to whatever room you decide to go to. So these commands are very useful.

But the they have a drawback. When the Escape command is used, it takesup 10% of your current health. When the Escape Command is used, it takes up 15% of your current health. Secret Areas

Please return in a few days. Cyber will be up and running soon!
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