Les Miserables

There are some stories that no matter how many times we have heard them, however many ways we have heard them, they still have the power to empower us with emotion. No I'm not talking about Titanic, but rather the one movie that has been capable of giving me those all to familier emotional chills on my spine. Not since Braveheart has a movie moved me in the same manner until now. The movie is Les Miserables, based on the novel by Victor Hugo, and it tells the tale of a man named Jon Valjean, a convict who changes his life dramatically after an encounter with a priest. Though there are several aspects of the novel that were left out by the movie, it didn't even bother.( for instance the nonexistence of Eponeine, Teanardir's daughter. It focuses mainly on the endless persuit of Valjean by the relentless Inspector Javert, played by Geoffrey Rush. Rush, and Lliam Neeson ( Valjean) give some of the most stirring and emotional performances of their carreers. Claire Danes also gives a grand performance as Cossette the adopted daughter of Valjean. The big suprise for me was the incredible performance of Uma Thurman as Fauntine, Cossetes mother. I was moved by her heartfelt performance, and possibly the first one I have ever really enjoyed of hers. This movie recieves a MOST GRAND review from me, and to me it looks like a big-time Oscar contender for next year. GO SEE IT!!!

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