Suicide Kings

Top 4 lessons in this movie.

This movie was an incredible video release with a phenominal cast, and and excellent twisting plot in the vein of Pulp Fiction and the Usual Suspects. In my own opinion it surpassed its predesessors in originallity, and humor, though perhaps not so suprising an ending as Usual Suspects.(yet definatly close). In the story a group of friends try to "persuade" an ex-mob boss(Christopher Walken) to help find one of the guys kidnapped sister....or rather to put up the money for her ransom. The boys soon learn a lesson in trust, friendship, and honesty from one of the most vicious teachers...and they also learn the hard way that influence in the underworld works both ways....and that some things aren't worth risking on a gamble. Oh heck just rent the movie! Its amazing and you will agree.

*note-this movie is not for those strongly offended by harsh language,
 or violence.  The humor here is dark, and not for just anybody, but If 
you liked Pulp Fiction, and Especially The Usual Suspects, this 
one is definatly worth your money.