I tell now of a youthful dream,
A tale of hope that makes men scream,
A vision of fear for those that stay,
The tale of the hero of the day

Beneath the wake of a crying child
I stalked the morning mad and wild
Tore the shackles against my soul
The rivers current slowly grow

A monstrous birth of a dying breed
A phantom nightmare; Satans creed
To be the God he fought to kill
To be the hero he never will.

I fly from grace and fall from hate
The figures blackend know my fate
The darkness beckons once again.
They seek the soul beneath my skin.

"You own the world, You are its king!"
I never wanted such a thing
"You are the Dragon, you are the Lord!"
I am the cross that shapes the sword...

Messiah, Christ is forming free,
I am they and they are me
Fate is calling ,and I hear
Have I become the one they fear?

The fire burning in their eyes,
The hatred of the Prince of Lies,
The wrath of ages burning bright,
Has come in armies of the Night.

"Cowards and fools and piteous Knaves,
I send you all forth to your graves"
The wrath of my eyes puts theres to shame,
Conquerer is now my name.

Left and right the shadows fall,
Before my power, I stand up tall.
Oh blasphomeous fate has run its course,
All chaos comes with no remorse.

The tears of innocence streak my eyes,
I leave my childhood in desguise,
The death of youth has come to swift,
The shame of manhood seems to drift.

The blur of confusion in battle gone,
I stand and sing the victors song,
And then I see the truth is clear.
I have become the one I fear..

When truth stings home it leaves a stain,
And my heart breaks beneath the strain.
The dead lie in mounds and pits
And Plague I'm named because of this.

War had come, and light had died,
No matter how I fought and tried,
I could not save the ones I love,
I could not find their souls above.

Beyond the battle torn field of dreams,
I hear an all famillier scream,
The screams of loved ones in there graves,
Burning friends I could have saved...

The vision changes once again,
My eyes still closed beneath my sin,
An open court of stone appears,
A place of dreams from childhood years.

The blackend figures, robed and grim,
Appear and then amidst is him....
All in red with eyes of flame...
He has no need to state his name..

"Villain, Lier, Betrayer of Light!"
I scream towards the Prince of Night.
He smiles at me and calls me son..
"Poor child of mine..what have you done?"

Spinning out of the blackend dream,
I scrape the dreamscape with a scream,
I see the waking nightmares true,

I wake I see tis all a lie,
All I love was born to die...
I cannot save, I cannot stay...
I'm not the hero of the day.........

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