Dust to Dust

This one is actually a song I wrote, but I decided I would go ahead and post the lyrics. Here it is!
The Flame of passion seems,
To have burned itself away,
And the love that burned so bright,
Turns to ashes that remain.
And it was so easy to love you,
For the person you were not.
But love can turn to hate with ease,
And thats what I forgot.

And the more that I see in you,
The less there is to trust..
And your Cain is very able,'
To turn my dust to dust.

Your a demon with a halo,
Beckoning with every glance.
Your the serpent with a smile.
Sucking deeper into trance.
Your the angel with a cloven foot,
That always made me hurt...
Your beauty with a beast in heart,
You turned mt love to dirt.

And the less that I try to love you,
The more it seems I must.
But love has turned to ashes,
As you turned my dust to dust.
And the more that I see in you,
The less there is I trust.
And my Cain is very able,
To turn your dust to dust.

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