Poem 7

Golgothic: by Daniel Dunham
The bloody translucent emotion,
Pries through the mind like a thorn,
I shall live but for devotion,
And die in their malignant scorn.
For they shall know the mightiness,
Of him who overcasts,
A cumulous combustion engine,
Making kings stand aghast.

What does it all add up to?
Why am I even here?
It seems the God I'm supposed to love,
Is the God that I fear,
What does it all add up to,
Why should I even try,
We nailed our God up to a cross,
And watched him die!

The fear shall take them breathless,
And a groan shall meet theyr're tounge,
As they scream in mortal terror,
As around bodies are flung.
But you cannot run away,
You cannot stop the pain,
You can't hide under the mountains,
For avoidance is all vain.

Just stand out in the open,
And smile at what has been,
If we're going to die anyway,
Lets die with a grin!
Amazing grace, how sweet that sound,
Which caused so many fits,
How precious did that grace appear,
As we were blown to bits?

Jesus at Golgotha
The story has not changed.
Jesus at Golgotha,
They said he was deranged.
But I'll burn his cross within,
He did not die in vain,
And he will wash my sin,
And clean my crimson stain.

I know what it adds up to,
And I know just why I'm here,
And I know the God I'm supposed to love,
Is the God I'm supposed to fear,
Though I may not understand it,
I know I have to try,
With him be nailed up to a cross,
With him I must die.

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