Poem 4

Days That Are No More: by Daniel Dunham
Why must I feel this way, 
Paranoid from day to day,
About my soul, about my mind,
About the years left far behind.
Why must I now feel the fear,
Of creeping death, so far yet near,
Darkness stalking through my door,
Reminds me of days that are no more.
I am scared of what I cannot see,
With the eyes Gods given me:
For with these eyes I cannot glean,
The giver I have never seen.
This mind which is a gift as well,
Can ponder heaven, ponder hell,
And yet can never understand,
The glory of the nail scarred hand.
The greatest heros price was paid,
But I'm a coward so afraid,
That everything I feel is wrong,
That I am weak, and fear is strong.
Life will fade, and so will I,
All things end, and all must die,
And that means all that I adore,
Will remain in days that are no more.

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