Never Here:by Daniel Dunham

I wish I knew the reasons,
For these feelings deep within,
I can't seem to escape,
The thoughts that seeth in sin,
A touch brings back a memory,
Of the way I used to feel,
But the lack of touch brings even more,
of what I can't reveal.
Do you understand,
These words I can't express,
Do you understand,
These feelings that regress?
I tried to say goodbye,
To the feelings that won't leave,
I tried to make ammends,
For a heart that cannot grieve,
I tried to be your brother,
I tried to be your friend,
I failed in my attempt,
To make this passion end.
Why won't you let me be,
My mind won't let you go,
Why won't you go away,
From my heart that holds you so?
Why won't you love me,
Despite your own dark fear,
Why do I love you even more,
When you are never here?