Goodbye: by Daniel Dunham

I wonder why I need you,
Yet I know deep down I don't.
I need to rid you from my life,
Somehow I feel I won't.
I've tried before, and will again,
To rid you from my life, 
Yet so cruel to take away,
What has calmed me amidst strife.
You've done much, friend of old,
To take away lifes trial,
To provide meaning where once was none,
And turn fear into a smile.
To bring friends into union,
Help tough days fade away,
But I know the warmth within my lungs,
Was only yesterday.
So farewell friend, I'll miss you,
But I know we must part soon,
Yet its possible we will meet again,
This very afternoon.
Yet I feel that this is it at last,
Lest you should make me die.
The final drag...the final ash..
I've killed you friend...goodbye.