Walk With God

Walk With God: by Daniel Dunham

Can I get a witness,
To these atrocities within,
As I'm seeming to sink deeper,
In the blanket of my sin?
Can I get a hand to hold,
My way out of the gloom,
And lead me to the Father,
Before I lead myself to doom.
Can someone hear my voice,
Thats to afraid to speak?
All the world seems so small today,
And my intentions seem so weak.
Can someone hear my scream,
Echo through the night,
As I search for a life of meaning,
In a world where wrong seems right?
I walk through blackend pitfalls,
Always leading me to Hell,
I walk down empty corridors,
I've learned to know so well..
I walk through paths of thought and fear,
That I cannot avoid,
I'm walking into nothingness,
Of prayers I have destroyed.
Can God still hear me crying,
In the darkness of my life?
Can God still see me dying,
In this doubt infested strife?
Can God still feel me trying,
To understand his love?
Can God still know I'm stiving,
To walk with him above?