I wonder what it must be like,
To rest, to sleep, to dream,
To close my half closed tired eyes,
And flow down dreamlands stream.
Oh what it must be like to fall,
In rivers of sweet rest,
And feel the things that in my life,
The World could never bless.
And yet whats more....not to dream,
Would not be such a crime.
To sleep in silent darkness,
Until the morning time,
When the cold cruel light of day,
Will break my blissful spell,
And send me back from Paradise,
From Heaven into Hell.
But, if I can know that you are there,
Waiting in the sun,
Relieving lifes eniquities,
Before they have begun,
If you are there to hear my prayers,
Beneath the morning sky,
Oh God, I love you for that dream,
This life that cannot die.