Even Snow Dies

Even snow dies,
Or so I've been told.
Even the coldest,
Grows even more cold.
Melts into nothing,
But water and waste,
And life is like snow,
So therefore make haste!

Even snow dies,
Or so I have fears,
That life is the nothing,
Of wasted snow years,
Even the cold, 
Will grow old and decay,
Even the winter,
Will soon pass away.

Even snow dies,
Like me and like you,
Even the winter,
Must soon say adieu,
Melt into nothing
Like hearts have before,
Staring down love,
As it walks out the door.

Even snow dies,
And so say goodbye,
To the the white upon white,
That falls through the sky,
For life is so fleeting,
And therfore let go,
Don't let it melt away,
As you stand in the snow.

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