Fire My Soul(childhoods end)

Fire my soul,
That burns like coal,
Beneath this alter paying its toll.
My final breath spent,
The path has lent,
That I should have lived to be thus bent.
Old and gray,
In mind I pay,
The younger I feel passing each new day
Childhoods end,
I can't defend,
For manhood is waiting around the bend.

Fire My sight,
Burning bright,
That I should have lived to die this night.
An age torn youth,
Who spoke only truth,
Yet seldom said things thought of as couth.
The past is a blur,
I must concur,
Image is nothing to a sheep in wolfs fur,
Yet life without end,
I will defend,
For eternity is waiting around the bend.

Fire my life,
Burned in strife,
That I should have lived to find a wife.
But the quest was not there,
I did not care.
For in truth was never a women so fair.
I avoided that cage,
In the youth of my age,
And in turn chose to wed to the stage,
And faithful and free,
She has been so to me,
And in my heart I know she always will be.

Fire my eyes,
Beneath these skys,
That I should have lived to believe life's lies.
My trust was to great,
And so was my fate,
That all that was love, for a time turned to hate.
But that time is through,
And so I love you.
And I know that in time you'll love me to.
For my heart you have stole,
And loves taken its toll,
And you are the Fire that burns in my soul.