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All new reviews people!!(Like anyone cares)
Well since the unitiing of DOA and the Crazytrain I have had a lot more music at my disposal, and have gotten to hear a lot of good new music. The above cd's are all great buys. Metallicas new hit cover "Turn The Page" Is a smash all over MTV! Check it out! Then of course theres the glorious reunion of BLACK SABBOTH with all four members of the band back together again. IOMMI, OZZY, WARD, GEEZER! all back together in the concert event that critics are still raving as the greatest reunion ever! Great huh!? They will also be releasing a new studio album, but be sure to check out the new studio recordings of "Psycho Man", and "Selling My Soul". Angeldust is the next project of Klay Scott formerly known as "CIRCLE OF DUST" and his new found partner, magician Chris Angel. Together they are the new wave of the industrial/goth movement, and the new music is incredible. Also I forgot to mention the not so new, yet still new sound of System of A Downs album. The band was hand picked by Ozzy to tour on Ozzfest, and its crazy tunes, and way over dramatic vocal attacks, make this album a rare treat. I call it Tool meets Primus in a very bad dream! Last of all is the Southpark album....it features System of a Down, and Ozzy, as well as ODB, Puffy, Primus, and of course the cast of Southpark in a total barrage of lunacy about all kinds of stupid stuff. A worthy buy.

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