A Tiger Wears A Necktie

I don't recall the characters name but heres a good one.WARNING:LANGUAGE

I wasn't ashamed...I was discusted...I was sick to my stomach..
He made me puke....Just like you do.  Lousy son of a bitch...I spent
My life thinking of him...looking for him. I dreamed for years about 
how me and him would get together some day....get together..Ha ha..
Thats very funny...me and him get together..
Oh we talked some. He told me sories..Dirty little barber stories..
And all the time I was diggin him.  Then he starts asking me questions.
"Like the girls huh? I bet they go for you in a big way", he says.
The he says..."Hey! You wanta see a picture of my wife and kid?"
I don't know what to think...I think maybe...maybe hes recognized me.
"Sure" I says " Why not." 
He goes over to the drawer..picks out a picture and hands it to me...
You want to know what it was?...... After 25 years I find my father
in a barber shop...he hands me a picture of what I think is me..
and my old lady.....You wanta know what it was?
It was a picture of some whorey lookin blonde with her dress up to
her ass, and a baby sittin on her lap...a baby only...its a trick 
shot, si? Like you can get over there on 42'nd street...a trick shot
and...its a baby...a normal baby except...the photographer...the 
photographer has dubbed in a yango....a yango about..so long....a
baby with a tool that long and this two bit blonde of a whore..I don't 
know whats happening...I think its gonna be a picture of me or something!
I start shaking all over...he comes over and puts his hand on my knee..
"Hows that for a kid huh?" He says,"Takes after his old man?"
You see I draw a blank....I look up at his face...his grinning slimy face..
And I take his hands off me and I get up.."Hey" hes says, " I ain't through
yet!".....and I hit him.  I hit him hard.  He don't know nothing. He falls
flat on his ass...his knows busts open like a ketchup bottle. "Don't hit me
kid! Don't hit me! Take the money its in the drawer...." and all the time
hes trying to hand me this key on a piece of string....and I hit him...and I 
hit him again....and him screaming for the bulls and me hitting him!!!
Then all goes quiet...I look down at him and I see.....
I see just what I've been waiting for my whole life.
This is the cutting that I used, and its not entirely accurate.. but its powerful. Interpretation of how to portray this is up to the actor, but if you want my thoughts e-mail me. This is one of my favorite dramatic pieces.

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