DANOLAND 2001: Return of the Absurd

Sometimes I wonder why I even bother, but here it is, the return of the Danoland Web Page. Almost nothing has really changed much yet, but I am slowly working on making this page much better than before. In doing so I am focusing it mostly on my new radio show THE KHPU BOILER ROOM, and some on my poems and other writings. In doing so I am letting the movie reviews, and the monologue page go for the time being, but I will go ahead and leave links to the old sites stuff. Theres gonna be a lot of new features soon, including a picture gallery of me with some various misfits I have met throughout my life, including some celebs, and hopefully some sound bits of various local music from around B-town and clips from my radio show. Also feel free to sign the old guestbook. I think the most recent message was sometime back in 99. Thanks for stopping by.

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