Well the Big Bad Lizard came to whoop up, and thats just what he did.....Yet I have to admit, I didn't expect so much lame dialogue and plot....I mean personally I thought it ruled, but they added certain elements that...though very cool, were very un-Godzilla like. I really just expected another "Godzilla kicks the crap out of America, then gets killed only to come back again later" movie, but they definately added some new twists and elements. I won't spoil it, but my main dissapointment was that his nuclear fire breath was no longer the cool looking blue stuff, but it still looked very cool , and the special effects were incredible, and there were a lot of cool suprises all over the place. The King of Monsters just made Jurassic Park, and the Lost World look like little panzies, and all those insects in Starship Troopers wouldn't stand a chance. Godzilla is a real fun movie, with just enough violence to make it cool, yet not overdone. Very GRAND!

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